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Chapter 34

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I was meeting Charles in a few hours at Alexandrite Hotel for dinner as I rummaged through my closet to find a decent dress. The hotel was classy so I had to dress for the occasion. I then found a baby doll dress that was in carnation pink. It had a huge bow on the bust area. It didn't look tacky, in fact, the dress was seamless and it flowed nicely from my waist down to my knee. I put on the dress and checked myself in the mirror. It was comfortable and I felt pretty in it. It was a bit loose from all the weight that I lost these past few months but it looked okay. I decided to let my hair down and combed my fringe over to the side. Putting on some blush and applied a peach blossom lipstick. I then spritzed a bit of perfume onto my wrists and wore the necklace that I always paired with everything. It was from Pierce last Christmas. Lastly, I paired my dress with a nude strapped peep toe sandals.

I heard a knock on my door while I was putting on my sandals. I looked up to see Hugh leaning onto the frame of my door.

"Someone looks good tonight." Hugh spoke as he quirked an eyebrow with curiosity.

"I have dinner to attend to." I told him. I really didn't feel like telling him about my dinner with Charles. Hugh would just pry and I didn't want to give him ideas that the dinner meant something. Charles and I were just friends. That was it, just two friends having a friendly dinner.

"You know that not telling would only make me curious, right? And we all know that we don't want that to happen." He stated in a very serious tone.

I cringed as I realized that he was right. Imagine all the possibilities that he could do. By possibilities, I meant a million ways to torture me just to get the latest gossip. I sighed in defeat, "Charles and I are having dinner." I muttered softly, hoping that he would have heard wrong.


I heard him squeal in excitement. There it was.

"Is it a date?" He grabbed my shoulders and made me look at him right in the eye. I knew this would happen.

"No. Just dinner." I rolled my eyes and pushed him off as he invaded my breathing space.

"Wait a second, Charles? As in the Charles?" He widened his eyes as if he just realized something. I filled him in about what happened in London and how I met Charles when I came back from the trip.

"Yeah, why?" I asked.

"Nope! You're not going to dinner with him." He uttered in mortification.

I folded my arms and faced Hugh. "Why is that a problem?" I scrunched my eyebrows together. I didn't see anything wrong having dinner with a friend.

"Bro code, Vee."

"It's not even a date." I defended.

Hugh took a deep breath as his shoulders sagged in defeat. "I don't feel good about this." He shook his head. He sat on the edge of my bed and crossed his legs making himself comfortable.

"It's really not the dinner I'm dreading." I didn't mean to say it out loud but it already hung in the air. I dreaded to see Pierce at the hotel who was possibly out with a date with Margaret or just seeing him there for that matter. I picked up my white long strap purse as well as some things I needed. I filled it with my wallet, phone and my necessity kit which was filled with wet wipes, a small comb and band aids.

Hugh was silent all of a sudden. I glanced to look at him and he was looking at me weirdly. "What?" I asked softly.

"Just be careful, okay?" He gave me a small smile and walked out of my room. Huh. That was weird. It was not like I was going to see Pierce tonight. Right? There was a possibility but I highly doubt it. He usually went to handle some things with the administration during office hours which was not later than five in the afternoon. He never stayed long for leisure inside the hotel unless he constantly brought Margaret. I tried to release the horrid thoughts from my brain. I shouldn't even be worried about it.

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