A Little Bit Longer.

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Look at the moon,
Count all the stars.
Baby, your head,
Here in my arms.
Leaving ain't easy;
It tears me apart.

Voice in my ear,
Keys in the car.
There's tears in your eyes,
And it's breaking my heart.
There's miles between us..
It isn't too far.

'Cause if it takes a little bit longer,
Don't you lose faith,
I'll make you stronger.
I won't run away,
I won't run away.

Gravity's strong,
It pulled us together.
I'm down on my knees,
Prayin' things will get better.
I'll do next to anything,
Just to get where you are.

The world still turns,
It won't bring you closer.
I'm fallin' fast,
Livin' life's roller coaster.
When you get where you're going,
Don't forget who you are.

And if it takes a little bit longer,
Don't you lose faith.
I'll make you stronger.
I won't run away,
I won't run away.

And every day,
It feels like you're farther.
I'm right on the way,
And it's getting harder.
I won't run away,
I won't run away.

Every turn in time,
Every hill you climb,
I know you'll wait for me.
Every lonely night,
I look into your eyes,
I know we're meant to be,
Meant to be..

'Cause if it takes,
A little bit longer,
Don't you lose faith.
I'll make you stronger.
I won't run away,
I won't run away.

'Cause if it takes
A little bit longer,
DOn't you lose faith.
I'll make you stronger,
I won't run away,
I won't run away.

Oh, oh,
A little bit longer.
Just a little bit longer.
I won't run away.

And if it takes,
A little bit longer,
Don't you lose faith.
I'll make you stronger.
I won't run away,
I won't run away.

I strummed the last few chords and sang the last words, staring out my window. The twins quickly falling asleep at the sound of the of the soft guitar playing. Niall and I learned guitar together. He had a natural talent for it, and so did I...well, less of a talent but still pretty good.. He just plays more. I haven't picked up my guitar since before I got pregnant. I'm surprised I could even get back into it so quickly and easily.

Anyways. I put the turquoise instrument back in its' hard case, kissed the twins and went downstairs to the living room. I put my feet up and looked at the ring on my hand. It was...large. Extravagent. Whatever you wanted to call it. It's like one of those huge rings you find on TV in commercials or in the pictures of all celebrities' engagements.

I can remember the expression Harry had when he saw it. God, he looked so...broken. And hurt. I guess that's kind of the same thing, yeah?

I just don't understand one thing. If I told him everything that he had forgotten...why didn't it work? Shouldn't something have clicked and made him remember?

And if I was happy about marrying Taylor.... why did I feel guilty, too?

I looked at the clock. No time to wonder. It was time to get the kids ready to go. I was telling the boys about my engagement today. I made Harry promise not to tell anyone, and I knew he would keep it. I woke up the kids. Sarah elped me get the twins ready and into their seats. Pretty quickly we were off to the boys' house. It didn't take too long to get there; they only lived a few minutes away. As I arrived, Niall came out and helped bring in the twins. After a bit of visiting, I asked for them to sit down. They knew something was up.

"Jewels? What's up?" Niall asked.

"I...have some big news." I said timidly.

"You're not pregnant, are you?" Louis asked.

"No! Louis, why would you ask that?" I asked.

"Well, the last time you had big news..."

"Okay, okay. I get it. But no. I'm not pregnant."

"Then what is it, Jewels?" Liam asked.

"I...I am engaged. To Taylor."

They all stared at me speechless, except Harry. He looked just as bad as he did when I told him everything he couldn't remember. HIs hair was disheveled and his eyes looked tired.

"What?" Zayn said quietly.

"Jewels, you're joking." Niall said.

"I'm not." I showed him the ring on my finger.

"Juliet, you're 17." my brother said.

"Niall, I know that. But this is my choice. The kids love him, and I do, too."

"Can I talk to you...in private?"


I followed my brother upstairs to his room.

"Are you insane? After Harry is finally realizing he still loves you, you get engaged?"

"What the hell are you talking about, Niall?"

"What are YOU talking about? Juliet, when he came back from your place, he broke down in tears, realizing he still had feelings for you. MAybe not to the extent of what he did, but he knew from the start there was something he had for you. Love."

"Niall, he doesn't remember ANYTHING. About us, okay? He looked at me like I was talking about Narnia."

My brother sighed, and looked at me. "You know this is breaking his heart, right?"

I looked to the floor, my wigs' hair falling past my chest. "I know. I can see it. But I've been with Taylor for a long time now. And I'm marrying him. I'm sorry, Niall.."

My brother encased me in his arms, knowing this was hard for me. "I know you still love Harry. Somewhere in your heart. But I understand, and wish you luck."

"Thank you." I let go of him. "So when is Ella and Xavier coming? I haven't seen them in forever."

"They'll be coming for a little bit in about a month."

I nodded, and we both walked downstairs. I said my byes, gathered the kids and left. But not before giving Harry a hug that lingered for a little bit longer than it should.

My heart was being torn in two by these guys. I love Harry, but I...I can't rebuild all that we had. It's just not possible.

And Taylor. He's been there for me. Never judged me. Usually had the right words to tell me. We had our issues, but those always brought us together. And time brought us here, to be engaged and to be married at some point.

Could I change that? Yes.


I feel like it's so... wrong.

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