6. Fervent

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Omkara sat among the audience waiting for Gauri to step into the crease. Mumbling a sorry beforehand, he wished the current batswoman, Taniya Jose, to be ruled out.

It has been already 12 overs and Gauri was on number 5, for which 2 wickets should be down.

"O... No one here should hear your prayers. They will beat you up." Rudra giggled, plopping popcorn in his mouth.

"She had to be at 2 or 3. Why----" Omkara's words trailed off as Taniya got run out. Unknowingly a happy shriek escaped his mouth, making others frown at him.

"Calm down, O!" Rudra said dramatically. "ACP didn't come today!" He sulked suddenly, pouting.

"Oh! That's why you look like a deflated balloon." Omkara chuckled while Rudra looked at him amused.

"Where is my O? You doppelganger, better tell me what you did to him!!"

Omkara frowned and made faces seeing Rudra's dramatic antics again.

"After so long, you're being out of your boring self. I'm impressed!" Rudra said with a smile.

Omkara rolled his eyes but smiled to himself later.

"At my hone-waali-bhaabhi!" Rudra winked at Omkara, earning a snack from the latter.

Yes! It would be a lie if denies that he isn't a bit excited.

Maybe to calm down his mind which was clouded with weird thoughts since the yesterday.

He wanted to see her once and convince himself; that she's good.

After thinking and arguing a lot with himself, his heart admitted; he cared for her, deeply.

Her smile mattered to him somehow.

He could smile himself on remembering her smiling face.

But Love?


Omkara's smile widened as another wicket fell.

Rudra nudged him, making Omkara swat him again.

"Next birth, I'll be your elder brother to make your life a hell!" Rudra mumbled, twitching his lips.

There was a sudden roar of happiness in the stadium in the hope of Gauri Vardhan Trivedi, approaching to smash the balls away.

But Omkara felt something amiss. He felt as if Gauri wasn't energetic as usual but pushed away the thoughts and clapped delightfully.


Gauri was angry today. The more she tried to control her emotions, the more she felt vulnerable.

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