Chapter 4

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Third POV;

After Lily came home from her second year at Hogwarts, Godric immediately read all of her textbooks and helped her with her summer homework.

Petunia was now 16 years old, Lily was 13 and Godric was 9. Petunia was already making plans to move out of Cokeworth. She was still crushing on the blond boy, Vernon Dursley.

Lily was now a teenager and often had bouts of irritation at her sister and parents but never Godric. The two youngest Evans siblings had never once argued, they were really close. They knew all each other favourite thinks and quirks. Like how Lily's favourite lesson was Charms and how Godric's favourite colour was actually green, same as hers. Or how Godric always knew when Lily was upset as he could tell by her red rimmed eyes and shaky hands. And Lily could tell when her brother was angry or even enraged, his face would go blank and his jaw clench, whilst his eyes would appear to flash and even brighter green.

Lily had a pet grey owl called Smokey, Petunia hated it with a passion whilst Godric adored it. Smokey was nearly as intelligent as his first ever owl, Hedwig, they were both girls.

Severus was often at the Evans household, talking with Lily and sometimes Godric but that was hardly ever and Lily was always there. The boys relationship hadn't gotten either better nor worse in the 4 years they'd known each other. To Severus, Godric was merely Lily's little brother and to Godric, Severus was Lily's strange, greasy haired best friend.

The only people born in 1964 that Godric could remember was Gilderoy Lockheart, Lorcan d'Eath and Glenda Chittock. And he couldn't remember any in 1963. And his class would be those born in 1963-64. He wasn't happy about being in the same year as Lockheart at all. He wasn't 100% sure if Lorcan would even attend Hogwarts as he was part vampire but he guessed the boy would.

After Lily's third year ended, she told him all about the electives that she chose. She took ancient runes and arithmancy.

Towards the end of her fourth year, she actually became friends with Remus Lupin but none of the other marauders. She found out about him being a werewolf and swore to tell nobody except her brother as she really couldn't keep anything from him. Remus was extremely hesitant but when she said that Godric was a really lovely person, he agreed.

When Lily found out that she had been made prefect for her fifth year, the family celebrated by going out to dinner. By then, petunia was 18, Lily was 15 and Godric 11.

The day that Godric received his Hogwarts letter, was a very proud day for the family and it made petunia even angrier. She loathed her two siblings, she saw them as stuck up, cocky and show offs. She took every chance to upset the two of them and it often got to Lily, who still loved Petunia. But to Petunia's annoyance, Godric seemed unflappable.

They went to Diagon Alley and purchased his school supplies and robes. He also managed to persuade his mother to buy him some normal Wizarding robes and clothes for everyday wear. He had always preferred robes over Muggle clothing, it was easier to duel in.


Godric said goodbye to his parents before following Severus and Lily onto the platform. He smiled when he caught sight of the red engine and began to walk towards it. His trunk was shrunk in his pocket so he didn't have to carry it around.

Once he got on the train, he followed Lily as she was going to sit with her friends and Lily wanted to introduce them. Severus went and sat with the Slytherins in his year.

Once inside the compartment, Godric recognised Marlene, Mary and Alice immediately.

"Lily!" The three girls shouted.

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