Chapter 3

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Amelia's friends-------->

 *Amelia Pov*

I was just running and about to reach the front door but the door opened suddenly and I got bumped into someone and fell back. When I look up saw that it is our pack beta’s son and my brother’s best friend Chris and also my good friend.

“I am so sorry I didn’t saw you.” He started apologizing by giving me a hand.

I took it and got up, “Don’t it’s my fault actually I didn’t looked where I am going in hurry.”

“Ok ok. Good morning. Why are you in hurry?” He said with a smile.

I just smiled at him and said “Good morning to you too.” I was about to reply for his next question but before that we both heard.

“Meli…………..” my brothers voice boomed from dining room.

My eyes widened knowing that he is going to catch me. Watching this realisation drawn to him and he tried his best to controlled his laugh.

“I think you have to hurry before he catches you. I will try to stop him for a little time.” Chris said to me with amusement.

“Thank you so much. I really need to go, bye. Have a nice day.” I told him.

“You too.” He said going into the living room.

I went outside and saw matt’s car and I got in the back seat as front passenger seat is occupied by his mate and my best friend other than matt, Amanda.

They are very cute couple and are totally in love. Matt always treats Amanda as if she is the most precious one in the world. They both have same color of brown eyes. But matt’s hair is brown, whereas Amanda’s hair is black. And amanda is all bubbly where as matt a little normal you can say that.

“So best friend only one week to go and you will have your mate in front of you. Excited??” Amanda asked giving me a bright smile as matt started to drive.

“Yup. Very much. So where are we going?” I asked them changing the topic.

“Our usual coffee shop meli. And after that movie and no shopping amanda.” Answered matt.

In no time we reached the coffee shop where we frequently hang out. We took our usual table at the corner of coffee shop and ordered.

After a while of talking on normal topics I saw that matt and Amanda were just lost in their world, looking at each other lovingly. Let’s just say I am feeling like a third wheel at present. Can’t they see I am still here? Who am I kidding in just one week I will be behaving like the same with my mate?

Again my thoughts just went for my mate. I don’t know how he will be like I mean how he will treat me. But I know he will treat me well, I can say that because I have seen many mated couples until now. Why would there be exception in my case.

I need to think about my further studies also. After I decided to become a lawyer I worked hard for my grades. And my family supported me to achieve my aim.

“Earth to meli………..” called Amanda clicking her fingers in front my face.

“Sorry guys just zoomed out for some time.” I told them.

“That we can see. Don’t worry we just came out of our world just now too.” Matt said grinning.

“When you guys are not.” I told them teasingly. They both blushed a little.

“Let’s get going guys. We will be late for movie.”Amanda said.

I would really want to go, but I just didn’t feel like I want to be a third wheel.

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