|Gojo x reader x Geto|

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You always liked working alone, even if Gojo would offer as a partner to accompany you on missions. Sure, you liked him, as a friend, but sometimes he would act all mighty around you, and you never understood what the girls were always babbling about. You both were in your second year, the time principal Yaga usually gets his students missions to get used to being a jujutsu sorcerer. 

"Satoru, (y/n) today I have a request for the two of you." The principal eyed you with curiosity, watching how you'd react to his words.

Gojo stepped forward with a huge smile on his lips, slowly looking up from his sunglasses "Sure Yaga-san, we would love to check out whatever you have in mind for us" still smiling and looking at you.

You frowned at the sudden feeling of being watched by the two men, feeling a slight blush on your face froming. You liked yourself, you were fairly good looking, nice phisique, you got things done when asked, trusted by people. However, the only thing you hated, how you would always blush from little things- just like this time. It felt like it was ruining your perfectly made persona.

"Yes, sure principal." You said looking at the floor the same time.

You suddenly felt something wrap around your shoulders, looking up and seeing Gojo looking at you from the corner of his eyes, grin from ear to ear. You left principal Yaga's office, walking in the corridors of the school.

"(Y/n)-chan, you surprised even me after what you said back there" Gojo said arms still wrapped around your shoulders. "I never imagined you would agree to go on a mission with me, but I guess even I can be wrong, hehe."

"Shut up Satoru, I didn't want to dissapoint Yaga-san, that's it. Now get anything else out of your mind." tossing his arm away from your shoulders, you started walking slightly faster. "I'll see you tomorrow."

Gojo, however caught up to your plan on walking away from him and quickly caught your hand, turning you around to face him. He slowly lowered himself to your height, going closer and closer to your face when he stopped a few inches away from you.

"Now say, (y/n)-chan, if I didn't know better I would say you hated me" looking down at your lips, slightly moving closer. "You don't hate me, do you?"

You could feel his warm breath on your skin, feeling something move in your stomach.  God, I'm not getting butterflies in my stomach from this ego bag, right? You instantly looked to his lips aswell, only to mentally scold yourself again when he started giggling at your actions

"So I guess this is a no, right (y/n)-chan?" said Gojo as he slowly backed away from you, still giggling at the way reacted. He knew the charm he had on girls, never failing to make them fall head over heels for him, sill, you hated how he treated you like he was better than you. Like everyone.

"Don't touch me, Gojo" still angered by the fact that you were as red a crab fro the interaction. "Next time I'm going to break that long arm of yours."

"As feisty as ever, I see. Hmmm, that's my (y/n)-chan. I'll see you tommorow" he said, a smug grin on his face, slowly turning away from you and with that he was gone, nowhere to be seen.

Damn he's annoying. I don't understand how can Geto-kun even tolerate him. I wish he would just leave me alone, and not annoy the life out of me, but whatever. It's not like I will see him once I graduate. You thought to yourself while heading to your dorm room.


It was now morning, you were now heading to the main gate where you were supposed to meet Gojo. 

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