Heaven Knows.

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August and I are taking the kids to the beach! Mama and Travis gone back home. So, now it's back to the two girls and MJ!

"Mama, when the last time you talk to daddy?" Hope asked me

"Actually, yesterday. He told me that Vee is having a girl"

"For real!! Oh Ma can I go over there this weekend?"

"Girl, you know you ain't got to ask me that." I said laughing and looking back at her

She smiled and pulled out her phone and next thing I know her and Autumn taking pictures, I grabbed August's hand and looked up at him, when we made it to the red light, he looked at me and kissed my lips

"You're so beautiful." he said

I smiled and blushed looking away, "Stop it!"

"Oh quit mama! You know you like it" Autumn and April said

August laughed, "Yeah she knows it too"

I smiled and said, "Y'all youngins pay attention to your phone... I gots this up here!!"

"Y'all act like some teenagers just fell in love" MJ said

"MJ, what you know bout that?"

"Cause I know" he said giving me that cute face

"You so handsome baby" I told him

"Cause he gets it from his daddy. Ain't that right son!" August said

I could feel it in the base of Augusts voice that he was so happy to be a father, To bad the baby I'm pregnant with now I'm gone loose it soon! But, Mel said that I'd have another. Damn, why the hell am I so fertile? Maybe because when I was growing up, I always said that I wanted lots of kids... well, I have lots of kids! Probably 3 or more up in heaven, I wish I could see what they look like! I wonder if they look like Trey, wonder if they was a girl? Or a boy? I wonder what this baby is. It don't matter because, I'm still young you know and my kids gone be out the house soon especially Hope, she's 16 already!! Autumn is 15!! Like OMG! Where has the time gone? I rubbed my stomach and laid my head back and closed my eyes, it's gone be one long ride


Little Girl: Mama?

I looked at her, "Yes?"

Little Girl: Mama, don't you know me? It's me Izabella, I know I'm here in heaven but all of us are.

Me: Oh my, Wow you look so much like me !! *hugs her*

Izabella: Mama, do you wanna see the others? And Nicholas?

Me: Of course

Little Girl, Boy, Little Boy: Hi Mama

Me: Oh my god! Y'all are so beautiful *crys*

Little Girl: Mama, don't cry.

Me: What's your name?

Little Girl: You never got the chance to name me, So They call me Special.

Me: Special? Why do they call you that?

Little Girl: I don't know mama

Me: You're so beautiful

Special: Thank you mama

Boy: Hey, I'm Aldon

Me: Aldon? How old are you? How old are all of you guys?

Special: I'm 2 now

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