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eunica otani, 2012


Looking at Laura, whose brown eyes are locked on her crystal clear reflection in the lake, I realized how amazing it is for a girl to look innocent and deadly both at the same time.

      If her eyes and thin pink lips could trick people into thinking that she's a sweetheart, her blonde hair that's streaked with the colors pink, black, and green could get all those people thinking whether or not she was worth talking to.

      While I, on the other hand, is gazing over her like a seventy year old pedophile who seeks the accompaniment of a sixteen year old girl.

          "Do you remember Moody?" I ask randomly, as to assure her I wasn't just completely staring her out.

       The girl beside me snaps her head to my direction, her face baffled. "He saved me, jerk. Of course I remember him."

         "Yeah, well, I did something to him," I state hurriedly, part of me wishing she hadn't heard it.

        But of course, she did. And when her pupils dilated, I quickly storm my brain for words to say. "Yesterday, actually. But, um, he didn't die."

          "What the hell, Wolliam McCarey?" she queries, her eyes almost bulging out of their sockets. "What in the name of my dead family did you do to him?"

         Never in a normal day she would mention anything about her deceased family, but I guess my little news surprised her. After all, before all these, before she discovered what something special she had, and before we met in the woods of Canada two years ago, Moody (a very famous talk show host from Sweden, if you're wondering) stood as her fatherly figure. During Moody's stay at Canada, he decided he'd keep Laura during the days she had nowehere else to go. It could be easily said that Laura had once become a member of his family, but only in numbered days, because like I said, when Laura figured out what she was (not entirely, of course. We don't even know what we are ourselves) she immediately ran away and then, in a very fortunate event, bumped into me.

          "I did not kill him, okay?" I say quickly as to assure her, because gosh dang it, the blood on Laura's face drained instantly, her face now looking pale. "I didn't. How could I do that when I know how important he is to you? And you could kill me if you figured out I did."

          Her tensed-up body relaxes. She let out a lengthy sigh that she had obviously suppressed in for a while "What's he got to do with whatever you were doing, anyway?"

          "Well, your papa was dealing with this Mexican druglord Darth had a bad business with," I say. She raises her eyebrows, begging me to continue. "And you know Darth well enough, he told me to finish the Mexican dude, so I did."

        Darth Garvin (I swear the first time I heard his name, I laughed at his face) - a nineteen year old boy from Mississippi - is the leader of this little group called "The Family" in which Laura and I are part of. What the heck is The Family, you ask?

       The Family consists of nine superhumans - mostly teenagers - from across the world who had been gathered and collected by Darth himself.

       Yes, you read all that right - Laura and I are definitely not the only two who's got this special thing. There are eighth of us, and counting. In The Family, there's Darth Garvin, Laura Cavanaugh, me, Chris Sanders, McKyla Reid, Jasen Choi, Kendall Gray, and Cara Hicks. Each of us possess extraordinary abilities, and some of us can control more than one power. Darth can do four, and Chris Sanders can do two.

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