Chapter 3 :)

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Y/N pov

I stumble back a little not sure on how to react to the situation. Standing in front of me is THE Tubbo. I blink a few times to make sure i'm not going insane and I look at my brother who is as equally starstruck as I am. "you're tubbo!" My brother says to him excitedly. 
Tubbo's face reddens a bit "oh uh i- yeah!" he says a little embarrassed.
"me and my brother watch your streams all the time!" he says and I punch him in the shoulder lightly. Dad makes Luca stop talking so we can all head inside. Tubbo leads us into the living room, his parents and sister all sitting on the couch. They all stand and Tubbo walks and stands at their side. Tubbo's father steps forward a bit "David, so nice you showed up!"
"of course" dad says in return "oh! this is my son Luca and my dau-" he says cutting himself off "My oldest son Y/N" he says correcting himself. The whole time this is happening i'm basically staring at the ground, but I feel a hard gaze over me. I look up, accidentally meeting Tubbo, well Toby's eyes. I look away hurriedly and stare back at the ground.

After a bit and the adults are done talking, they make all of us "kids" all go hang out in Toby's room until dinner is ready. I stand awkwardly close to a the wall, Luca's made himself comfy sitting beside Toby on the bed, talking his ear off of course. Toby looking eager yet a little annoyed to be answering all of his questions. My phone makes a odd beep noise and Luca stops talking "you're late to stream" he says recognising the notification sound. I sigh "yeah whatever, i'll just reschedule for later tonight" I say and Toby butts in "wait you stream?" I nod awkwardly "mmhmm." Toby smiles, "what games do you play?" he asks me eagerly. 
"I- uh well play minecraft, league of legends, call of duty, and a few others. But I mostly stream minecraft." 
Toby smiles, "Pog! We should play sometime! What's your discord?" he says fumbling for his phone. 
I smile back, "oh uh i can type it if you need me to." 
He hands me the phone and I type it in. 

Tubbo's POV

Y/N types his discord in my phone and hands it back. I smile taking my phone back. "you free this weekend? We could hop on bed wars." I suggest and y/n thinks for a moment and nods "I should be free, just message me and check." 
"Pog" I say with a small smile. He smiles back at me. He takes out his phone and walks over and sits on the edge of the bed. His little brother between us. "My brother is gonna play a game with Tubbo! This is crazy!" Luca says hyperly. 
I chuckle a bit and smile and with that we were called for dinner.


Hi guys!! I tried to incorporate Tubbos pov as well to add some diversity! Also a little thing about the little brother. He has autism and adhd so he's a little hyper active. I wanted to add a bit of a mental health awareness into it :)) Anyways hope you guys are enjoying <33! 

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