» 22nd of July, 2014 «

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A/N: the day I saw 5sos at the Today show (cries)

Dear Calum,

Lukey, hunh? I like it :-)

Aw it sucks that we can't meet, but I understand! Have fun with Mali! :-D we can definitely meet next week!

Why do you always write to me at ungodly hours of the night?! Get some sleep! Writing to me is not worth staying up much longer for. You need your beauty sleep :----) (I'm only joking.)

I'm out of film in my camera and it won't be getting here until Friday :-( I have to order it online because I've got a really old model and they don't sell that kind of film in the shops anymore. So I can't start filling up the photo album you gave me just yet! I love it, by the way. It's exactly the right size! On the first page there's the photo we took at the ATL gig :-) well, one of them, since you, Mikey and Victoria have the other ones!

Okay, I won't beat up anyone for the moment. But if they give you anymore trouble, I won't hesitate.

I've heard of Chiodos before but I'm not too fond of that whole genre so I never gave them a go. I'll listen to "3AM" though, since you mentioned it! Oh, did you watch the movie? Did you like it? :-)

I'd come up with a nickname for you but Cally sounds weird and I'm not creative enough :-( so you're just Cal now.

Hey, wait. CalPal! That's it. I'm calling you CalPal. Nothing you say can change my mind :-------))))

Byeeeee CalPal hope to hear from you soooon


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