Chapter 13-Telling the Truth to My Alpha

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Chapter 13-Telling the Truth to My Alpha

Madison's POV

"Ok, I don't know where to start," I say with a nervous laugh. I run my hand through my hair as I try to collect my thoughts. Blake and I chose a table near the back after we ordered our food. We talked a little bit about if he likes it here in Portland, Oregon more than his home in Seattle, Washington. Once our buzzer went off and we got our food, the air shifted and became a little more tense. Today there aren't that many people which is shocking because it's lunch time on a Saturday, but I'm not going to complain. 

Blake places one of his hands on my free hand.

"Take your time," he whispers. He gives me an encouraging smile and I give him a shaky smile in return.

"Ok so 2 years ago, I met this guy. His name is Andrew Gibbson. When I met him, I thought he was perfect. He had this whole bad boy thing going for him-pierced lip, tattoos, dark clothes, smoking problem, and anything you can imagine. He was so hot." I let out a sigh just thinking about him.

He might have broken my heart, but he's still one sexy guy.

I'm brought back to reality when I hear Blake clearing his throat. I look up at him and his jaw is clenched. His face is twisted into a scowl and I gulp quietly.

"Uh sorry, I got a little carried away. Anyways, back to my story. Like any young girl, I was instantly attracted to him. I don't know what it was, I guess it's that whole 'good girl falls for the bad boy' cliché.

"He was in a few of my classes, so I would talk to him at every chance I had. I felt really important because he rarely talked to anyone. He talked to his cousin, who was also at the school at the time, and his best friend, James. Other than that, he would glare at anyone who looked his way.

"I still remember the first time he talked to me. He asked me for a pencil during English. I was so shocked that he talked to me that I ended up tripping on a desk." I give a small smile as I remember. My smile is ironic as more memories of him assault my mind.

Blake's hand that was holding mine tightens considerably. His mouth is set in a straight line and his eyes are burning.

"Do you want me to stop? You look really angry already and I haven't even gotten to the worst part," I say with a frown. I bit my bottom lip and give him a worried look.

"I'm fine. It's just you sound like you really cared about this guy, like you do still care about him." His grip on my hand loosens, but it's still very firm.

I take a minute to admire how his hand fits with mine. His rough, coarse hands against my small, dainty hands.

It's almost like he was made just for me.

The lyrics to that One Direction song starts playing in my head. A half smile makes its way onto my face and I rub my thumb across the side of his hand.

He tenses for a minute, giving me a shocked look, before he relaxes. His lips twitch and his eyes brighten considerably.

"I don't care for him the way I used to. My world used to revolve around him. Now, he's just someone in my past who opened my eyes to more of the world around me," I explain. Blake nods, his eyes trained on our hands.

"I understand. Carry on."

"Anyways, we started talking more and more, and hanging out, even outside of school. Everyone was always talking about us, but we didn't pay them any attention. Some people told me to stay away from him, but I was too far gone at that point. I knew that I wasn't supposed to fall for him, he had told me that he wasn't capable of love, and that he would only ruin me, but I didn't listen.

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