Chapter 2 :)

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It was half past 4 and I was getting tired of walking, I had gotten Luca his ice cream and he seemed happy. He pointed out shops and people on the street as we went past. My phone vibrates in my pocket so I make Luca stop a second so I could check it. Dad texted.

Dad-- Try and hurry home! Dinner is at 6 and I want you two to have plenty of time to get ready. You know how important this is to me.

Y/N-- Of course dad. We're on the way back now.

"C'mon Luca, Dad needs us home now" I say shoving my phone back in my pocket.

Luca pouts but doesn't give my of a complaint.

After a bit of walking we make it home. Luca goes inside before me and I close the door behind us. Dad calls from his room "Glad you two are home! Hope you had fun. Hurry and get ready! We leave here at 5:30!!"

"okay dad!" we say back in unison and we head off to our separate rooms.
When I get in my room I load up the Tubbo stream I missed earlier and I start watching it as I get ready.

When I get in my room I load up the Tubbo stream I missed earlier and I start watching it as I get ready

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Your outfit^

I add the finishing touches on my look and adjust my binder, making sure its on correctly. I take a look at myself in my mirror and smile. I grab my phone off the bed and press pause on the stream and I head out of my room, It now being 5:32. Dad and Luca were already in the kitchen. Dad looks at me. His look is a bit unreadable but I shake it off. "Ready?" I ask 
Dad nods "mmhm we've been waiting on you."
"sorry, I got distracted watching something" I say as we all walk out the door. 
Dad locks the door behind us, and we head down the hallway of our apartment complex.

We get to the car and Dad decides to let me drive since the place isn't too far away and it'll give me some practice on the british streets. Dad pulls up the address on GPS and we set off to the dinner.

After about 20 minutes of driving we make it there. I pull into the drive way and park the car, making sure i'm not blocking anyone's car in. I look over at dad, he looks nervous. He looks back at me "you ready to go in?" I ask. He nods, and we all get out of the car. I pocket the car keys and check my phone quickly before we head to the door. When we make it to the door, dad rings the doorbell. Some shouting is heard from inside. And after a few moments the door opens. A fluffy brown haired boy opens the door, "Ello! You must be mr. y/ln!" the boy says. My heart drops. I recognise that voice anywhere. I look up and i'm face to face with the one and only Tubbo...

Ahhh i really hope you guys enjoyed this chapter! I'm sorry for it being another short one but i promise as I get more into writing they'll become longer!

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