That's Right!

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"That's right ladys! Josh Devine is not single anymore. He has been spotted with new singing sensation Y/N and the two seem really happy together! We caught up with Josh yesturday in an interview. Let's take a look." It was on the news and everywhere! You were the best popstar in the world! Plus, the media found out about your secret relationship with Josh. You've been asked about this everytime you go out but never answer. Josh decided it was time to confirm it.

"So Josh is it true that you are going out with new singing sensation Y/N?" "Yeah, Y/N and I have been going out for 3 months now and I couldn't be any happier!" You were really happy when you saw this! Josh makes you really happy and it makes you feel pretty special to know that you make him happy. Your fans aren't really happy. Since you had some flirting with Joe Jonas they've always wanted you to together but you know that you're fans will get over it because they are amazing! Your parents are happy for you and really like Josh. Josh's parents like you too, you really fit into their family and you love having a laugh with Josh and his brother Ben. Josh likes having a laugh with you and your siblings too!

"Josh and Y/N seem like they will be the cutest and hottest couple of the year. As we saw yesturday they looked really sexy together on the red carpet of the MTV VMA's and congratulations to Y/N for winning best new artist of the year and of course best breakout artist! This couple seems really happy and look like they will be around for the rest of our lives!"

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