Chapter 1:)

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It was mid afternoon and I'd finished unpacking and renovating my room. I fall back onto the bed and sigh. I grab my phone from beside me and check my notifications
"great.. I missed a tubbo stream" I say with a quick sigh, quietly to myself. I check some other notifications and see that my bestfriend Alyssa, from America texted me so i decide to reply.

A-- Dude hows the UK??
Y/N-- It's good! Everything is so pretty. I'm going to go explore later today. I miss u 

Of course she didn't reply as soon as I texted, but I wasn't too upset. I put my phone down and I decide to get changed to go walk around the area. 
I change into a simple black T-shirt and some black joggers and slides, adding some blue bee socks for spice. I sit at my streaming desk and look at the little table mirror, styling my hair a bit. I slide my phone into my pocket and get up.  I walk out of my room and into my brothers room across the hall. My brother Luca is 12 and my absolute bestfriend. 
He was sitting on his bed playing on his switch. He looks up at me and smiles "Y/N!" 
I smile back at him "hey kiddo, wanna walk around the area with me? I'll get you ice cream"
He perks up, turning off his switch throwing it beside him on the bed. "Yeah!" he says putting on his shoes. 

We walk out of the room, heading into the kitchen where dad was sitting at the table writing something. He looks up at us and smiles "what are you kids up to?"
Luca smiles "Y/N is taking me to get ice cream!"
Dad smiles and ruffles Lucas hair "alright well you two be safe and don't stay out too late. We have dinner tonight with my new boss and his family." he says looking at me.
I nod "of course how can I forget" I say sarcastically.
"don't dread it so much, my boss has a son your age. I've heard a bit about him and i'm sure you two will get along" He says. 
I roll my eyes, grabbing Luca's arm "alright well we're leaving nowwww!" I say practically dragging Luca out the door with me.
"Be safe!" dad calls as I shut the door. 

And this is where the adventure begins...


Hi guys! I'm sorry for such a short first chapter but I really wasn't sure on where to start! I have so many ideas though for the next few chapters! But if any of you have suggestions i'll gladly take them! I'm so excited to continue this story!! If this one gets good feedback I may do a TommyInnit x reader. I'm not sure if i'll keep up the whole trans Y/N in all of my works but if you guys like the idea i'll continue with it ! :)) 

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