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Your and your BF Zayn Malik have been dating for 9 Months. Zayn has been trying to have sex with you but you always push him away. Today you wanted to change that. So u bought so new Heels, Tights, Bra, and Underwear. As you were getting dressed you heard a knock on the door. You had only put Your new Underwear, and Bra. Soon you heard foot-steps coming up the stairs. You weren't ready! So Zayn fianaly got to the to of the stairs just as you layed down on his bed in a sexy pose. What are you doing? Zayn said seting down his keys. I wanna do something speical tonight. You said as you took off your heels. Zayn got what you saying so he took off his shirt and got into bed with you. Zayn started to kiss you lightly, as the seconds pasted the kiss got deeper. Zayn started to take off your bra. Then he took off his pants and boxers. Soon you were both naked. You took Zayns d**k and licked it and sucked it. Zayns moans filled the room. Soon Zayn started kissing down your body. He reached the bottom of your stomach. Are you ready (Y/N)? He said with a grin. You smiled and shook your head. Zayn licked your pu**y. Your moans filled the whole room. Soon he took his p**is simled and thrusted in to you. Holy F*ck Zayn you said after a loud moan. You and Zayn were about to cum. Holy Sh*t Zayn im gonna cum. You said biteing your lip to hold back moans. Me to. He said going up and down fast. Holy F*ck Sh*t. You said in the middle of a moan. You started to cum on Zayns d*ck. Seconds after you cummed, Zayn started cumming inside you. Zayn pulled out. You to cuddled. We have to do this again sometime. Zayn said with a smirk. 3 minutes later you to feel asleep together.

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