Realm of Primordia's Lore

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The Realm of Primordia

Like the Realm of Ultramar the 500 worlds Ruled by Roboute Guilliman Primarch of the Ultramarines

The Realm of Primordia is being Ruled by Ronan Belleza Primarch of the Thunder Legion Himself or their Offically Legion Called are, The Celestial Thunder Star Legion

(I'm not Good in Making Names)

Primarch Ronan Belleza Ruled Over 50,000 Worlds

and like Ultramar it was Sometimes Called an Empire within an Empire and the only Most powerful within the Imperium


The Realm of Primordia is a Group of Large Planets, the Smallest ones are Easily Twice the Size of Holy Terra Itself

(If the Realm of Ultramar is a Sub-sector or Sector a 500 world, Then what can i Called to the Realm of Primordia since it's 50,000 Worlds should i call it Sector? or is there even larger?)

The Planet of Primordia, Capital World of the Realm of Primordia and the Homeworld of the Celestial Thunder Star Legion

It's size it's 3 times the Size of Jupiter

With the Population of 600 Trillion people along with 500 Million of Adeptus Mechanicus Adepts and still have More Lands to Spare not Including to it's ocean

The Machinus have their Forge City here in Primordia, with Productivity of a Major Forge World Despite only a City, They are protected by their own Forces Ready to Defend  the Forge City

Their Main Continent is called Pangea (I research this One is Earth's super Continent) the Planet Primordial is almost complete replica of Old Earth but with More Continents like in 25 separate Continent and the smallest ones is the Size of North America

Even in their Massive Population, they can still able to Feed them all without any outside Helped making this Planet to be Completely Self-sufficient, and still able to Send foods to their Neighbors and supplies for it's Massive Army itself and still have left for themselves to be used in the future

With the Pangea Lies the City of Alexandra the Capital City of Primordial and with it the Fortress of Excelsior the Fortress Monestary of the Thunder Warriors themsevelves, Due to the Massive Size of the City, the Fortress of Excelsior's is as Big North America with 4 Titan Legions (Each Legion Numbering 500-1,000 Titans with Each one is Higher Quality than any Titan legions in the Imperium could Produce and have the Rare Titans that can still be Produce in the Forge of the Realm), Many Thousands of Knights, Thousands of Regiments of Skitarii along with other Mechanicus Military Branch are Stationed Here in this Fortress along with tens of Billions of Troops Ready to Defend the Fortress  

It's Massive orbital rings is one of the Largest man made Construct even More Massive than the Ring of iron in Mars

Primordial is a Powerhouse itself even without the Need of Outside Helped for they could produce their own needs


Primoria's Imperial Guard Regiment

Primoria's Imperial Guard Regiment

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