Chapter 6

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2 weeks before prom


5:30 PM Sunday

So it's close to prom and people are asking each other to prom. Imma ask y/n. Hopefully she says yes. Im feeling her deeply.

6:00 PM sunday

So me and Jass have gotten real serious in the last month and a half. She hasnt asked me out yet but im waiting.

So I was chilling at Christain's house when the door bell rang. I got up to get it and this random chick barged in. "Who the fuck are you?!" She asked. "Slow ya roll baby girl Im Gay." I said. I was wearing Chris' shirt so of course she thought something went down. "Why the hell are you in his shirt then?"

"Cause we had a water fight outside. What do you want Kaylen?" Chris said coming down the stairs with no shirt on. He looked yummy. Wait Im gay. "Gay my ass." She mumbled walking past me and bumping me. "I want you back, Chrissy." She said grabbing him. "Well imma go up stairs." I went up stairs and laid in Christains bed.

"Its yo baby mama she callin answer she callin." My phone rang. "Oh Jass." I laughed as I answered the phone. "Hello?" I said. "Hey baby where you at?" Jass said in that lil sleepy voices that just melts my heart. "Im at Christain house." I said grabbing my duffel and my slide on Adidas shoes. "I wanna chill and watch netflix." I knew what she really meant. Im not ready for sex at the moment. "Mmm Imma come to eat yo food and watch movies thats it." I said putting my shoes on. "Thats all I want." Jass groaned. I shivered. "Girl imma fuck you up when I get there." "Baby you can fuck me up down left right anyway anyhow." Jass said hanging up.

I walked downstairs and Chris and that girl was making out on the couch. "Bye chris dont catch nothing." I said walking out the house. I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach like something was bothering me. I dont know what it could be but oh well.

I arrived at Jass' house and I got out my truck. I knocked and her mom answered.

"Hello Mrs. Centina. How are you tonight?" I said as I hugged her. "Good baby. Im good your girlfriend waiting on you downstairs. She made you a bunch of snacks." Mama Centina said as she pulled me in the house. "That girl is crazy." I laughed walking downstairs where her room was.

She picked me up and wrapped my legs around her waist and she hugged me. I grabbed her jaw and pulled her face to mine and we kissed.

We pulled away and sat on the couch that was in her living room type area. I got off her and took of my lil jacket. I laid my head in her lap. "I missed you all day." Jass said undoing my 2 braids I had in my hair. "I missed you too babe." I said playing with her shirt.

Jass turned on this movie it was about 2 lesbians and all through the movie they were having sex. Jass knew what she was doing. We were on the floor and I sat in front of her and she wrapped a blanket around us.

I was all kinds of horny. Jass was kissing on my neck and rubbing on my body. "Jass. Baby stop playing with me." I said moving. "Im not playing with you yet." She smirked.

"Jass I said stop." I said pushing her away. "Alright alright. So tomorrow Imma drive you to school and to work." I looked ather crazy. "1) How you know I got a J-A-B. 2) I need to stay after school for that detention you got me." I said looking back at her.

"I know cause I gotta stalk my girlfriend and plus Chris stay talking about how yall work together at that studio place." "Well I feel safe." I laughed kinda scooting forward. "Nooo. Baby come back." Jass said pulling me back.


8:30 P.M Sunday

I was laying in my bed with Kaylen laying up under me. She and I got back together like we have before. Usually we break up cause I wanna hoe around and shit.

I slipped my arm from Kaylen and hopped in the shower. I thought about what she said.


I was kissing on her neck and everything. But she stopped and pulled away. "Look Chris I don't just want sex. I want a real relationship." I could see in her eyes she dead ass.

Honestly I was kinda tired of playing around I'm a fucking senior. I'm almost grown. I don't need to be childish anymore. "I'm willing to try. If you are." I said. I was shocked that I said it. My emotional ass. She started kissing on me and y'all knew how that went.


I noticed how y/n was looking earlier. She looked bothered. She like my best friend so I gotta see what was wrong.

When I got out the shower Kaylen was gone. She left a note it said "Had to go mom was bugging I'll see you tomorrow baby. I love you!" I threw the note away and sat on the edge of my bed with a towel around my waist.

I grabbed my phone and called y/n. It rang 2 times before she picked up. She sounded outta breath. "Hello." She breathed heavy. "Hey Y/n I wanted to talk to you on some real shit." "Jass baby stop. Ok, Chris let me leave the room real quick."

I was heated she left my house to go to Jass' house. Jass isn't good enough for her. Jass doesn't deserve a sweet girl like that. I brushed off my emotions and calmed myself down. Honestly this is the 2nd time seeing them together has upset me. I shouldn't be focused on her and Jass I have my own girlfriend to worry about.

I was pulled out my thoughts by a door closing on Y/n's side of the phone. "What we need to talk about Chrissy." She said. "Well I saw when you left you looked a bit pissed. Was everything okay." I asked tapping my now drying foot on my carpeted floor. "Oh it was nothing really." She said moving around. "You sure?" "I'm sure." I shrugged. "Ight well I'mma let you get back to ya girlfriend. Night bestie" I said. "Ight Night." She hung up.

I lotioned up and put on some boxers and went to sleep.


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