Chapter 7

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Monday morning came around in the Styles-Twist household and there was an air of excitement lingering for Anne and Robin. After the church fiasco the day before, Robin got a call from Dr. Krista Miller, one of the most prominent speech therapists in the area, saying that Harry had an intake appointment to determine level of care he would need. He had talked to Harry’s teacher, Ms. Edwards a few days before and she was able to get the family connections with Krista, despite her extremely busy schedule.

                Anne hopped out of her and Robin’s bed happily right as her alarm went off, and put her robe on over her pajamas. “Babe, I’m gonna go wake H.” She hummed to Robin and kissed his cheek. He grunted in response, and turned over on his side, taking in his last few minutes of sleep. Anne chuckled and padded her way down the hall to her son’s bedroom, slowly widening the cracked door and peeking inside.

                She smiled widely when she saw her baby boy with his body looking totally relaxed against the bed; the muscles in his face not being tensed made him look like child again. His chest slowly rose and fell, letting small breathes escape from his parted lips. Anne frowned slightly as she made her way over to his bed, not wanting to wake him from this tranquil state.

                “Hey baby,” Anne whispered and sat on the edge of the bed, gently placing her hand on Harry’s chest, rubbing soothing circles into it. “Time to wake up, boo-boo.” She cooed and gently pulled his covers back.

                Harry’s body tensed as usual, and his brow furrowed deeply. He silently turned towards his mother and rubbed his eyes on her arm, which was code for ‘Momma I don’t wanna get up.’ Anne chuckled and stroked his curly locks before moving the covers off him fully, to which Harry whined and curled up in a little ball from the chilliness. “C’mon, baby boy.” Anne hummed and gently took his hand, coaxing him to sit up straight.

                Anne picked up the baby monitor that was on Harry’s nightstand and spoke into it: “Robin, I need you to take Hazza to the bathroom. I know you’re still asleep, too.” She chuckled, knowing full well that Robin was groaning on the other end of the monitor.

                After Robin had slipped out of bed and woken himself up a bit more, he walked to his son’s bedroom smiling when he saw Harry managing to cuddle himself into Anne’s lap by latching his arms around her neck and wrapping his legs around her waist all in a sloth-like fashion. “Someone’s pretty cuddly today.” He chuckled and walked over to them. Robin could tell that Anne was struggling with supporting Harry’s weight and carefully lifted Harry in his arms.

                Harry whined slightly from losing contact with Anne, but calmed down when he patted Robin’s forehead, knowing that his Dad would take care of him. “Morning bud,” Robin hummed and rubbed his back soothingly while carrying him to the bathroom. “How’re you doing today?” He hummed and turned on the bathroom light, before setting Harry down to stand on his own.

                Harry sucked on his fingers, keeping his eyes fixated on Robin’s wedding band, reaching for it every so often. Robin chuckled and gently lifted Harry’s chin, so that they had the opportunity to make eye contact. Harry only snapped his eyes to the pattern on the shower curtain, finding it much more stimulating. “H, can you tell me how you’re doing today?” Robin asked softly.

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