Chapter 3

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I stood there for a few seconds trying to take in the scene before me. There was a large boat, I believe mother called them ships, it was the size of a whale. it was a dark brown with gold detailing on it. The ship was a bit of a distance away but I was still terrified by its enormity. I looked at it, admiring its beauty, until I realized something was wrong. There was a gash in the side of the hull of the majestic ship, and its sails were torn to shreds. My eyes were focused on the ship but as soon as humans jumped overboard I began to get frantic.

Humans of all different shapes and sizes began to scramble over the railing of the ship. Most of the humans were male, but my hazel eyes rested upon one of the most beautiful faces I had ever seen. She was petite and everything about her features was delicate, she had bright blue eyes and straight black hair. The young girl, about sixteen, was wearing a simple pink dress that had many frills and it poofed from her hips down. On anyone else it would have looked hideous, but she pulled off the look flawlessly. She walked over to the railing, apparently waiting for someone to lay down a carpet for her to walk on, but she was rudely answered with a shove over board.

After the girl was pushed off the boat she deperately clung on to its railings. It wasn't doing her much good because by the time this happened the ship was about to make a nose down descent into the murky waters of the ocean. Her dress was soaked, the water gave the material extra wieght, causing her to sink like a boulder into the water.

Seeing this put me into a state of dissaray. Years of teachings, passed onto me by my parents, flooded my mind. I stood there, not knowing whether to use my abilities to save the girl or just sit back and watch.

Just as I made my decision, the first male human I'd seen for the day ran in the direction of the girl, now struggling to keep afloat. He dived into the water after the girl and began swimming towards her. I stood staring at him, when time slowed down.

I was sped up into time, this was a normal occurence that only happened when something important was taking place. I looked on, wondering what my sixth sense was about to show me.

The man finnaly got to the girl and grabbed her hands. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders, while he tred to hold her up and out of the water before drowning. The material of the girls dress was so heavy that she dragged the man down with her as well. The terrifying scream of the little girl was all I heard before it was replaced by silence.

I thought to myself that they would be fine. All the girl had to do was take off her dress and they would be free to swim back up. That was what I thought before the ship exploded.

I snapped awake. It was present time now and the man was almost to the girl. Now that I knew what was going to happen, I didn't want him to get to her. I closed my eyes and calmed my breathing. I opened my eyes again and time was frozen. Birds were suspended in the air, leaves floated mid breeze, and I ran towards the ocean.

I jumped into the water,

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