I'm fine

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Ok , first things Cameron is still on my To Do List. Just because

1. She was being a liar when she said her apologies

2. She let her Stepsister talk smack to us

3. She told Jacob that the only reason why I was talking to him was to get him to notice me.

I mean come on, I'm not that desperate for him. He's not even cute..... Okay maybe just a little bit. Okay fine , he was gorgeous, cute , beautiful, all the things in the book. But one thing he wasn't was loyal.

We were supposed to go at his house to practice our duets and solos, but noooo Mr. Popular has things to take care of  and people to do.

I told my aunt that I didn't need a ride home . That I was being dropped off by a "friend".

So I waited him by his car for like an hour, as I waited I used my time wisely. I started to do homework.

He finally came out from the big doors with a bunch of people. I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration.

"Where have you been?  Do you know how long I've been waiting for you? " I asked looking at my clock. " I had things take care of and people to do. Being popular is a hard job I have to make sure I keep my status up."

"Two freaking hours Jacob. You don't even try to see if I was okay with it. You made me wait outside under the hot scorching sun!" At this point I was ready to slap him he was  rude, unbelievably rude!!

He looked a me funny," It doesn't look like it would affect you now you are already darker than you need to be." I looked at him in disbelief, " Drive me home." I said still pissed.

"Excuse me? If you haven't noticed I have better things to do . What did you think I was going to do bring you to my house?" I hel my head back in shock.

"Excuse me? Weren't we going to practice Sherlock?" He laughed, he freaking laughed. "Is this a joke you?"

"Look," he said drying his tears ,"I have better things to do then to bring  you to my house. The first black person that went to my house stole my mom's precious vase. I don't need me another to take my belongings."

That earned him a slap.

"One thing you need to know Parker is that we are not all the same, some of us don't steal unlike some people. Unlike some people we know how to keep our promises!

We could have  practiced somewhere else. Unlike some people I know my boundaries!  Unlike some  people I have friends that actually care about me and not my money!

Unlike some people.... I had family!" I whispered that last part. I know, me who never backs down whispered.

I turned my back my to him as I headed to the bus stop. I heard him call my name , but I refused to give in. I should have never trusted him but stupid as I am  I did.

Rain started to fall freely as I waited outside.  It was suddenly cold. Jake and the rest of the jocks splashed water on me with their cars and I was instantly soaked. I kneeled down and wept. I sobbed and cried.

I missed home home. I wan- no I needed to go home.

I arrived home and made up something to my mom and dad that my friend's car had broken down and blah blah.

They believed it I know I felt bad lying to them but I wasn't his faults it was mine. I'm one who thought he was actually going to practice.

The following day I ignored him, his comments, his friends, Cameron and Maddy.

In choir, Cody tried to make me feel happy but at this point nothing could Make Me feel happy, nothing.

I told Cody that we should do the duet. Since jake was not in the mood. Instead he got to work with Cameron. Nice.

He came in the room his face with a smirk. I looked at him but quickly turned around.

He sat down facing me. He showed concern, I don't care he should have started caring a long time ago.

He continued to look," Can I help you with something? " I said a bit harshly.

" Why the attitude Pegasus? " he asked. I just focused back on the rest the group.

"So," Cody started, " There has been a change in the duets.  Jacob will now with Cameron and I with Olive. "

" How come I wasn't aware the sudden change? "

" You would have if you weren't late all the time. " I mumbled.

" I'm okay I can work by myself."

Cameron looked shocked. Wow, she was on the verge of crying but that was none of my business.  I looked back at the rest of the team.  " And you're okay with this Olive?" he asked me.

I looked at him, " Why wouldn't I be I need someone who can keep his promises,  who won't leave me waiting for him who won't insult me.  Now that's a partner." I  smiled at Cody

" I already apologized what more you want? " 

"Nothing,  I don't want anything from you. " I exited the room.

" Olive! Can you just wait up." Someone said as I was being pushed in a dark room. I looked at the figure in front of me.

"What do want Govenci?" He looked at me as if he was looking for the right words.

"You, I want you." he said then pushed me against the wall he blocked the daylight.

"I want you, and I will have you. One thing you need to know is that I never back on my promises. "  he said again.

"You already did remember?" I said . 

"Not this one I promise." Then he kissed me.

He. Friggin kissed me. On my lips. My first kiss. I quickly pulled away from him.  I slapped him.

Then left. I heard him say you will be mine blah blah blah whatever........ 
I need some fresh air.

Jacob's pov

I will have you Olive, you will be mine and that is a promise I won't break. You will be mine Pegasus. Because you always have, since the day I saw you at the mall.

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