( chapter ten. )

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  ANDREA FOLLOWED THROUGH THE opening Fury had made. Upon coming through on the other side, she found herself lead into a sewage system. One that looked as equally disgusting as it smelled. The female furrowed her nose at the stench that wafted through the place.

  However, with no other means of escape, Andy disregarded her disgust. Rather than acting in reluctance, she chose to continue on through the sewer until she came across an exit. The Jones girl quickly made use of it, finding herself only a few blocks from her apartment.

  Andrea ran the rest of the way home, refusing to stop in hopes that Fury had made it there safely. Once she'd arrived, the female hurried up the steps towards the entrance. Andy reached to open the door. But, upon hearing the sound of Steve's motorcycle, she stopped short. "Perfect timing." She muttered, unable to help her sarcasm.

  Simply put, Andy didn't have time to waste. With everything that had happened, she couldn't risk hesitation or a pause in action. But, the Jones girl also knew there was no getting out of the situation. So, with a great deal of reluctance, she and turned around. Steve was already up the steps, a smile on his lips.

  However, as soon as he caught caught sight of the wound on the female's forehead, his expression quickly fell. "What happened?" Steve demanded, quick to take the Jones girl's face in his hands. He tilted her head, studying the wound with concern in his eyes.

  "There's no time to explain." Andy replied, gently shoving his grasp away. She could hear Steve protest, but ignored his words as she turned and made her way inside. The Rogers man followed. He kept his silence, but Andrea knew it wasn't willingly. He was no-doubt frusterated with her answer─or lack-thereof.

  But, before he could wallow in his anger any further, the brunette finally spoke up. "Fury was helping me home when we were attacked. He'll explain everything. But, you have to trust him on this." The Jones girl told him. She knew how reluctant Steve was with anything involving S.H.I.E.L.D. But, right now, they desperately needed him on their side.

  The pair soon found themselves on the third floor and Andrea stopped to turn to Steve. His lips were set into a frown, but among his annoyed expression there were still traces of worry in his eyes. "You know I don't." The Rogers man replied, voice lowered to that of a whisper. His gaze became wary as he looked down at the female.

  The Jones girl furrowed her brow. "Then trust me. As one of your closest friends, you can do that at least. Right?" Andy paused for a moment. It was only a second, really. But, something in Steve's eyes scared her. Suddenly, there was a part of the Jones girl that didn't want to know the answer to that question.

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