Chapter 1: Kyler's New Master

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Pic: Kyler's New Master: Kurt

{Kurt's P.O.V}

OMG I'm getting a new sub!

Hopefully this one isn't so boring.

I'm not like other Masters you see. I don't feel pity for my subs, in our country you choose to be a sub so you can't simple run away. You need to explain why you want to leave, then they will choose for you if you leave or no. I arrived at the Submissive Auctions (Don't know if they exist) and got in. I met my friend Tyson and we talked for a while.

Then the host or what the fuck you call him announce to take a seat somewhere so the auction will start. Me and Tyson where next to the front row so we took our seats. Then a girl was put on stage with a pink leather collar and leash. She had nothing but a crop top and short shorts on.

"This girl's name is Alesa. She is 18 years old and currently a virgin. She is very obedient and will do anything you ask for. The bid will start at 10,000." The host said.

Numbers started flying then a person shouted '70,000!' And he took the girl.

Then a boy came on stage he had a red collar and leash.

"This runt is called Dave. He is 17 years old and not a virgin. He is very disobedient so if you want to have some fun with him you can. The bid will start at 40,000"The host said again.

After 10 or more submissives one certain submissive caught my eye.

"This cutie is named Kyler. He is 18 and not a virgin but he is very obedient for the first week or so and will become agressive.The bid will start at 90,000"

Numbers flew around then I casually stood up and shouted.

"1,020,000" I said.

"SOLD! Go next to him Kyler."

Kyler walked towards me crawling 4 legged. He then sat in front of my chair kneeling.

(Kneeling is when the sub is on it's knees, legs spread, arms behind their back and looking down)

I grabbed his black leash and pulled him out him crawling. All he was wearing was a leather jacket as long as half his stomach and ripped jeans.

Looks like I'm going to have fun with my new sub.


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