Final Chapter

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"WHAT?!" Lia exclaimed loudly.

Alina opened her eyes and let out a huge breath. "Yes I know." She said with a frown. "You all should get ready."

"But where is it?" Xaden asked with his mouth hanging opened.

Alina tapped her head with a finger, trying to remember. "It's going to be right outside of town actually at sunrise."

"Are you kidding me?!" Arian demanded. "We only have the rest of today to figure out a plan?!"

Roxanne made a portal. "I just told you my plan. But first... I need to check on the Oresoren!" She exclaimed before running into it.

Alex chuckled. "She's back." He said.

Lia pouted. "But she's scared. I mean...Did anyone else actually look in her eyes? She's afraid of this war and she knows it."

Erik lifted an eyebrow at his girlfriend. "That was random.." He said.

Lia stuck her tongue out at him. "Oh shut up." She said before making her own portal and leaving.

Alex watched her go. When the portal was gone, he turned to the others, and then realized that Alina was gone. He didn't mention it though...They needed to do things on their own. "We should go back to the Oresoren Village...Gather supplies...Then get ready to fight right near Town."

"Right." Arian agreed. "Let's get ready."


A few hours had passed as the Elements were getting their things together and were getting ready for the war. Roxanne just grabbed her sword and was ready. She didn't care about the war since she was too busy taking care of Quppo and Poppo, who were still unconscious on their bed.

Roxanne's eyes lit up however, when she saw the smallest of twitching from Quppo. Roxanne picked him up in her arms and cradled him. Walter stood at her side, his hand resting on her shoulder. Roxanne watched him intently when he coughed. Then, he opened his eyes.

"Quppo?" Roxanne asked, biting her bottom lip.

Quppo blinked at Roxanne. When his vision came into focus, he smiled brightly. Roxanne sighed with relief as he laughed. "Roxanne! I'm so glad that you're here!"

"Me too." Roxanne agreed. She was relieved that he was still alive.

Quppo chuckled and then he jumped from Roxanne's arms. Roxanne gasped and tried to grab him, but Quppo hopped onto the bed and was away from Roxanne's reach. "I'm just fine now!" Quppo told Roxanne just before she was going to yell at him. "Lia healed me! I just needed some rest is all!"

Roxanne watched as Poppo jumped to his feet suddenly as well. He laughed and the two Oresoren high-fived each other happily. "How are you two energetic?" Roxanne asked them. "And even happy? Pippo is dead..."

Quppo and Poppo got serious. They frowned at each other before turning back to Roxanne. "Pippo's death is sad, yes." Quppo agreed. "But we can't grief forever. And also, right now is not a good time anyway. You need to get ready for the war."

Walter chuckled. "They are right, Roxanne. You need to get ready."

Roxanne looked down at herself. Her clothes were still bloody. She never really spent the time to wash them yet. "Fine." Roxanne said. "But while this war is going on...You and Poppo are staying here. You need to rest."

"Of course!" Quppo agreed. "We'll guard this village with our lives!"

Roxanne shook a bit. "Don't say that..." She shivered.

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