Chapter 18

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After Brooke and I grab a taxi we drive there. I'm looking at Twitter almost the whole time.
I put my phone for a while just as we hear sirens. The taxi pulls over and the ambulance drives by. That's weird, there usually aren't accidents on this side of London. We're almost 5 miles away from the city when another ambulance drives by. We pull over again.
"This must be a big accident!" Brooke says. "There aren't that many accidents over here."
"I know." I say quietly, trying to spot where the ambulances went. I look at the picture on my phone again to see what street it was on.
Once I checked outside, I saw them. The ambulances were two streets over.
"Excuse me can we please get closer to the accident?" I ask the driver.
He goes closer. We can't park there but we stare for a while.
I catch a glimpse of who's in the stretcher.
Next thing I know I'm running across the street screaming his name.

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