Chapter Twenty-Two - Are You Mine?

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Chapter Twenty-Two – Are You Mine?

And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways so in case I'm mistaken, I just wanna hear you say you got me baby. Are you mine?

-Arctic Monkeys

I yawned deeply. I wanted nothing more than to rest my head on Roman's shoulder but Terry and Ashton were sitting in the front and I couldn't risk having them see.

"That's like the seventeenth time you've yawned, SJ." Terry looked at me through the rear-view mirror as he drove. "Have you not been sleeping?" His brown eyes narrowed in concern when I met them.

"Not really." I replied honestly.

"Don't tell me you have a secret boyfriend?" Ashton turned around in his seat to look at me. "Someone been sneaking into the house after dark?" He winked slyly.

I felt a profuse blush crawl up my neck. Ashton nearly hit the nail on the head. Of course, I wouldn't call Roman my boyfriend. I didn't know what Roman and I were. And no one had been sneaking into the house; Roman and I had been sneaking out and within the house. "No." I denied in a defensive tone, nevertheless.

"Who is it?" Ashton didn't believe me. "Pierre? Rick? Stevie?"

I wanted to smack him. "Nobody!"

"I've heard the albino's name thrown around but why Rick and Stevie?" Roman asked in a low voice.

"Because they are totally into Sammy-whammy of course." Ashton made kissy faces at me.

"No, they aren't." I rolled my eyes hoping to push it off before it started issues. Roman was doing a good job of keeping himself composed but I didn't feel like explaining myself to him later.

"Stevie asked you out."

"Like in the first week of school!" I reasoned. "We have barely spoken since."

"Fine, but you were dancing with Rick at Judson's."

"And you danced with like a thousand girls that night."

"Precisely." He smirked.

"Ash, give it a rest." I demanded. I didn't have to try too hard to get him to stop though because Terry parked the car in the school lot, moments later. The four of us got out of the car and as usual, we all went our separate way. Terry went inside to find Meagan, who was probably doing her makeup in the tiny mirror she hung in her locker. Roman joined his friends at the front steps where they were smoking; the same ones who were there that day that Dominic showed up at our school. While Ashton and I walked into the building to meet up with our friends.  

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket a few steps away from Christine, Emily, Judson and the rest of the crew. I stayed back for a moment, allowing Ashton to go on alone.

It was a message from Roman: Have lunch w/ me and my friends today. Meet us in the back of the school when the bell rings.

Roman wanted me to officially meet his friends? Did this mean something? Or was he just trying to get me away from Ash so he could confront me about Rick and Stevie. I wouldn't put it past him... But Roman had a way of surprising people and sometimes he did things I'd never imagine possible.

"Hey, Sam, the rest of us are over here." Christine waved me over from a few feet away. I met her blue eyes and subtly gestured for her to come here. She frowned but obliged, grabbing Emily's wrist and pulling her away to join me. "What's going on?"

"Did you tell Em about Rome and me?" I asked Christine the second she stood in front of me.

She blushed, "Oh uh... yeah... sorry. I didn't think you'd mind, it's just Em-"

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