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It's been about three months since my last encounter with him

I've been doing great on my own and have even been talking to someone new

His name is Hinata Shoyo

He's a nice energetic person, he's a literal ray of sunshine and I just love his personality

I've also became dominant

Things for me have truly changed for the better now that I'm without


Tsukishima's POV

It's been hell

Absolute hell

Hell without her

The first few weeks were fine, I'd figured she would just come back in a matter of a few days,

but days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months and no sight of Y/N

I never thought this nightmare would actually come true and it's all my fault

I've been cooped up in my room for the time being and I think I should go out before I completely loose my mind

To at least try to get my mind off her I decide to go to a nearby café


Today I asked Hinata out on a date and today I have also decided that I will make things official between us

My thoughts were cut short by Hinata himself walking through the doors of the café

" Hey Hinata, you look great "
I say with a small smile

" Thank you Y/N, you're too kind "
Hinata says with a small blush spreading through his cheeks

We both take a seat and spend the afternoon away talking and enjoying each other's presence

After what felt like a few hours I finally decide to pop the question to Hinata

" So Hinata we've been talking to each other for a few months and I've enjoyed every moment I get to spend with you, with that said I've taken a liking to you so Hinata,
Will you be mine? "

After I finished my sentence I could see Hinata's beautiful smile grow and his face turn a light red

" Yes! "
Hinata exclaims

And with that answer I pull Hinata in for a kiss and quickly get a response from Hinata as he kisses back and wraps his arms around my neck

At this point we were making out with Hinata letting out little pants and whines

I then hear the jingle of the door signifying someone entering the café

As me and Hinata keep kissing I slowly open my eyes to look towards the door

And of course, out of all the people in the world to show up when I'm finally happy,

He has to come and ruin my moment

I make eye contact with him and I make sure he sees me with my lips connected to Hinata's

I slowly pull away from Hinata and stare at his beautiful eyes

We exchange smiles and with that Hinata just lays on my shoulder as I put my arm around him and we just enjoy each other's presence ignoring the worst person in this café

I've of course told Hinata about my disgusting ex and he's been with me through everything and I'm so glad I get to call him mine

As for Tsukishima, I obviously won't just leave him alone and ignored

After all I said he'd pay

So why don't I play with his heart a little

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⏰ Last updated: Jan 24, 2022 ⏰

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