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"SHIT!" I yell while my ship is crashing into Xander. I'm trying get the ship to fly up but it's not stopping. I crash.

"There goes my ship!" I yell. I get out of the ship and I go towards the city. This city is nice, I guess

Hi, I'm Carrie Maximoff. I'm from a different universe, I don't know how I got here but it's been 40 years. I'm supposed to be like 60 years old but I'm 26. It takes 10 years for me to age by one year. This is all because of that star that just went at me one night.

I was living my best life before I came to this universe. I was partying all the time, my brother, Peter did his own thing, he stole clothes for me with his super speed, my mom didn't really bother with me, and I'm a mutant. Mutants are kind of like born super humans. My father is this guy who is one of the most powerful mutants, Magneto aka Erik is his real name. I was born with the same powers as my father, magnetic manipulation. Magneto doesn't know that Peter and I are his children. Anyway, back to how I ended up in another universe

1970 it was, I was 22. I was coming back home from this awesome party. I was dancing all the way home. I had a leather jacket, yoga bottom jeans, a white tied up shirt, and white boots. A guy had given me his leather jacket so I was wearing that. It was cold out, I was a little drunk, and I just passed my best friend's house. I was walking in the middle of the road and boom! A big bright ray comes at me.

I wake up on this planet called Behert, I was so confused. People found me and took me in but then I left them because someone messed with the wrong person. I travel to Earth once every 10 years. I have music from each decade on my ship plus a Walkman and a record player. I've collected clothes from Earth too. I stole everything, I mean I have the power too.

A lot of people know me in the Galaxy and are kind of scared of me. Why? Well because my powers are scary and I use them to scare people. I shouldn't say scare people, steal from people. No one messes with me, not even Ronan or Thanos which is nice I guess. Now it's time to go back to my current problem, my ship is fucked up.

I go to see Broker since I'm in Xander and might as well say hi.

"Hey Broker. How you doin?" I ask coming in

"Ms Maximoff, I'm doing quite well." Broker says. There's a guy already talking to Broker. Oh it's just Peter Quill, he's a Ravanger. He continues talking about how he got this Orb that's on the table

"Some machine headed freak, working for a dude named Ronan." Quill says. Broker looks up like someone just killed his family.

"Ronan? I'm sorry, Mr Quill. I truly am. But I want no part of this transaction if Ronan is involved." Broker starts to push Quill out

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Who's Ronan?" Quill says

"You don't know who Ronan is? That's sad." I say

"Ms Maximoff, I would like you to leave too." Broker says

"Whoa whoa whoa. What did I do?" I say

"Who's Ronan?" Quill asks

"A Kree fanatic, outraged by the peace treaty, who will not rest until Xanderian culture, my culture, is wiped from existence!" Broker says pushing Quill out. I follow.

"Come on." Quill says

"He's someone who's bad side I'd rather not be on." Broker says

"Farewell, Mr Quill." Broker says pushing Quill out. I follow him out.

"We had a deal bro!" Quill yells.

"I was gonna ask him how to fix a crashed ship but nooo." I say. A girl who's green is leaning by the wall.

"What happened?" The girl asks

"Ah, this guy just backed out of a deal on me. If there's one thing I hate, it's a man without integrity. Peter Quill. People call me Star-Lord."

"I've been around for 40 years and I've never heard the name Star Lord." I say

"You have the bearing of a man of honor." The girl says. I give a weird face like what?

"Well, you know, I wouldn't say that. People say it about me, all the time, but it's not something I would ever say about myself." Quill says before the girl takes the Orb and kicks Quill in the nuts. Should she have the Orb? I make the Orb come to me and I run. Quill throws something at me which makes me fall. The girl takes the Orb back and Quill and her start fighting. The girl is about to stab Quill but I bring the knife she has to me. A raccoon then pushes the girl onto the ground.

"Put him in the bag. Put him in the bag!" The raccoon says. The big tree tries to put the girl in the bag

"No! Not her, him! Learn genders man!" The raccoon says. The girl starts screaming. I take the Orb from Quill. Might as well steal this thing and find out what it is. Quill starts running after me. The girl throws a knife at my hand and the Orb falls somewhere.

"Shit! Where did it go!" I say. I look and see Quill jump on the girl. Quill them puts something on her that makes her fly away. I see the raccoon and the tree put Quill in a bag. Gamora then goes at the tree. I go to the bag and I take the Orb from Quill after kicking him in the face.

"Suckers!" I yell before walking away. I then get tasered by the fucking raccoon.

"You little shit!" I yell. The Nova Corps then pull me up. Great I found myself being arrested and I crashed my ship. What a day.

"Aren't you the girl with the Magnetic powers?" One of the cops says

"Yeah." I say just giving up.

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