CHAPTER 1 (Have a Nice Meal!)

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OK so i was having a extremely hard time with finding some pictures i wanted it to keep it art with a specific style in mind... but just to much cosplay and cartoon around the web... so for now i will go with these ones.

And lets me repeat one more time all pictures and music that i use in my store do not belong to me. They belong to their respected artist and they are the ones who deserve all praise 


(Y/N): OK just one more pass here..... and done!

I just finished shaving my face before the meeting with this departments head. Luckily yesterday they took my blood and i was done pretty fast without complications.... random testing fuck. I was still in the hotel since i should get my apartment latter today after i meet my boss so i had to spend my first night in here. Jacob was just sleeping without a care in the world... lucky rich boy bastard.

On the way to the hotel i could only say... this city is freaking amazing. I didn't see much since the taxi drive was only 20 min but man! All the districts all those lights all those people. And you can tell the difference between tourists and locals so easily!

I guess the rumors were true... the level of beautiful people in FD is above average. I think the most average girl i saw would probably win the miss beauty in my home town. Even though it was already past 9pm when we were going everything was open everything was so much alive it really does deserve the name City of Night.

I read some articles from tourist who have been here how the city actually sleeps during the day. Most of the stores are closed and start opening after 4pm when night falls again. Yea i was shocked when i woke up at 7am i noticed it was still pitch black. The sun just came up at 8 so that rumor about it only being 8h of day was true as well.

Well enough thinking! I was maybe complaining yesterday but i cant wait to go outside tonight! I could use a drink and maybe just relax...

Knowing Jacob its probably going to be some club or something. Not really a fan of them but man who am i to complain! Maybe i will finally get lucky... shit 6 years of a dry sprout.... that's not easy. OK off to the talk! Lets see my new workplace and lets hope i get the keys to my apartment right away! I guess my life is finally turning around for the better


(Y/N): Are you.... this is a new guy joke right ?

Menager: No Mr. (L/N) It's not. Like i said you are here for a interviewee you still did not get a job

I should have known something is wrong as soon as i came.... there were 10 more people in suits waiting for entree and all of them had suitcases..... fucking hell

Menage: Now may i get your CV

(Y/N): I...... i don't have it....

Menager: *sight* This is a serious company Mr. (L/N) and your attitude clearly shows you are not for this position

(Y/N): SIR! Please wait! I did not know !! My previous boss didn't tell me i have to go through the interview first! I spent all my life saving coming here just to pay for all those tests!!!!

Menager: I am sorry Mr. (L/N) but that is not my problem it is yours... Thank you for coming but you will not get a job. Also your return ticket needs to be payed by your own money and no use showing me your contract its not valid on FD soils

(Y/N):I.... i cant afford that. Sir please at least i can be a janitor or something

Menager: Then i suggest you find a job in a different place. If you don't you will be taken care of as  illegal immigrant in 2 weeks good luck and believe me you don't want to know what taken care of means in this city

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