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Ok this is my OC gone insane after an incident with Herobrine and the Enderdragon. Maybe I'll explain the full story one day... one day...  Yeat but the spikey part/top of the wings are ice crystals/shards (tinted a dark purple for enderice). The bottom part is supposed to be fire, like enderflames, but I got too lazy too color. Icy obsidian sword, and holding a ball of enderfire. Icy obsidian tail, with flames down the top replacing the spikes. I think you can see the Enderdragon incident part. Pretty obvious I went insane/evil a bit after stuff. What stuff you may ask? HAHA IT IS A SECRET THAT I DONT WANT TO SPIOL. Yep but this kinda thing might be in a furture story I make :D 

Ps sorry its sideways, I couldn't fit it good without me turning my phone

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