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[February 1, 2016
9:34 am]

Hunter stood up watching with blank eyes as Zheng was lead away. He didn't acknowledge the guilty looks from the jury or the judge nor the pleased looks.

They all would pay for this, they all will.

He simply smoothed his suit carefully before sliding his dark shades on. His blue eyes started burning but he ignored it.

He stood up following the guards and his husband until they disappeared his line of sight. Snapping his fingers, immediately the tight protection circle covered him from everyone.

Hunter stayed silent Zheng's men moved him through courthouse and then outside where the reporters were. No one spoke for a moment before they all came out rushing.

"Hunter! How did it feel having your husband sentenced?!"

"Hunter! Is it true your father testified against Zheng!?"

"Hunter! Hunter! Who's gonna be the new gang boss!"

"Are you going to find another pimp since yours in jail now?!"

"Is your son Leo gonna be come the new Mafia King?!"

He ignored the rude shouts that were being yelled towards him. He refused to show any emotion, especially for these scavengers who could taste fear.


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^^Louis Giovanni

Louis Giovanni, held the door open to the black Tahoe; for Hunter as he smoothly slid in after him. Once an good few minutes into driving Hunter finally snapped. Ripping his shades off as they were thrown down.

"What the fuck?! Who are they to send my husband to jail! Cazzo bastardo culo figa bitches! Volevano che condanna! Io li ucciderò, lo giuro su mio figlio! Máizàng jǐngchá bùmén xiàng dìmiàn tā mā de! Ràng tāmen dǎ yī yīngcùn, tāmen shì shēnghuó everyday zài wèilái wǔ nián! Móushā tāmen shì xiǎo gǒu!"

(Fucking bastard ass pussy bitches! They wanted that sentencing! I'll kill them all, I swear on my son! Burn the police department to the fucking ground! Have them beaten an inch of their lives everyday for the next five years! Murder they're puppies!)

Louis watched in mild concern and amusement as his boss's 'wife' continued to rant in both of his husband's native languages. Switching from either English, Italian, and Chinese without even noticing.

Hunter stopped gripping his nose harshly to the point of almost breaking it. He slowly breathed through his nose trying to calm himself. Which only increased his anger making him grip his blond hair yanking at it.

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