16 - Hidden Talent

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Luke (Age 12):

You had just gotten a new camera for your birthday and you had been itching to try it out. You walked to the park and sat down underneath a tree, taking picutres of the environment around you.You got some great shots of flowers and some of the sky, even some of the grass. You really wanted to get them printed so you decided to head back home.

You printed out your photos and then decided to get some homework done, leaving the pitcures on the printer. You came down for dinner that night and Luke asked, "Y/N, did you print out more pictures from Tumblr?" You gave him a confused look and then he said, "I saw some pictures on the printer, did you get those from Tumblr?"

You nearly choked on your food. He thought you got those from Tumblr?! "Uh, Luke, I took those," you said, feeling kind of embarrassed. "What?!" "I used my new camera and went to the park today." "Wow! That's amazing! Have you tried taking pictures of people?" You shook your head and that's what led to you and Luke having a photo shoot. In the end, you became 5SOS's personal photographer!

Calum (Age 6):

You were in art class and your teacher had just given you an assignment. You had to draw a picture with the people who mean the most to you. You chose to draw Calum because you were closest to him and he was your world.

You began your drawing and in the process, your teacher came over, gasping at what she saw. "Y/N! That's beautiful!" You smiled and thanked her as she left to go look at the person next to you's art work. You continued to draw and you were really proud of yourself.

You showed Calum your drawing and he gave the same response as your teacher. "Y/N, I didn't know you could draw like this!" You blushed a little bit at your older brother. "When I was your age, I could only draw stick figures, and pretty bad ones at that," he laughed.

You ended up placing your drawing in a contest at the school and you got first place! Everyone else in the contest had either drawn shapes or stick figures, and you had managed to draw a human being perfectly! Everyone was super proud of you and you took art classes as much as possible, becoming an awad winning artist.

Michael (Age 15):

It was your sophomore year in high school and you decided to audition for your school's musical. Many of your friends had been wanting you to do it and you finally had the courage to try. You practiced your audition song and dance nonstop for the next two days and when auditions came around, you were so nervous.

The cast list was posted and you had a main role! You felt a weight lift off of your shoulders and immediately began to practice your lines. You rehearsed songs with your director and lines with your friends and when the show came, you were totally prepared.

None of your family heard you practice, you wanted to keep it a surprise. They were all seated front row and when you started speaking, you saw Michael's jaw drop. you sang your heart out and when the show ended, your entire family was standing and applauding.

You went to see Michael after the show and he hugged you tighter than he ever had before. "I didn't know you could do that, Y/N! That was amazing," Michael exclaimed, beaming at you. "Thanks, Mikey," you said, smiling at your older brother. I guess you found your hidden talent.

Ashton (Age 10):

It was a rainy day so you chose to stay in your room and relax. Naturally, you were drawn to your desk and an unused notebook, adjacent to your favorite pen. You weren't sure exactly why, but you loved to write. You sat down and spent a few hours just expressing your feelings through your new characters.

Ashton came in to check on you and saw that you were hard at work as well as jamming to their old music. He came over to you and you jumped, thinking you were alone. "H-Hi," you laughed. "Whatcha up to, little sis?" "Just writing. You?" At that moment he took your notebook from your desk and you got scared.

"Ash, No!" He looked up and softly said, "Y/N, this is so good! How long have you been working on this?" "A few hours. I swear, it's nothing." "It's most definitely something! Have you ever thought about being a writer?" "No, not really." "I really think you should," Ashton said, raising your chin with this finger and smiling at you.

Later that night, your work was shared with your entire family. They all had nothing but good things to say and you were relieved that they enjoyed your work as much as you did. You continued to work hard at it and you ended up getting some books published.


Hey guys! I hope you enjoyed this! (Ashton's is my dream tbh. I really wanna become an author!) Thanks for reading! Please vote and leave requests! ~ Morgan xx

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