Yeah, yeah, even I know this is a bit of a stretch but........

I freaking love Harry Potter and I have written my share of the fanfics with Mysterious Fates. But as much as the fanfics aren't indulgent in the sexual side of the fantasies as 1D (hell, they never are, period XD), they do have certain things that make me want to jump out a window.

This one bit doesn't make me want to jump out a window, but it is annoying. The one thing that most HP fanfics with an OC share is that their OC's name, is always after a flower. Come on guys, I made that mistake in the original Mysterious Fates with "Jasmine Goldman" (yeah, I know, stupid name) and changed it to the Subha Patel you know (and love, maybe XD) in the rewrite. You guys got creative minds! If you can use them to create a plot about your OC becoming friends with the Marauders, then you can come up with a beautiful and creative name for your OC.

Also, this may sound really hypocritical, but I hate Dramoine fanfics. There are people who love and ship it, but honestly, I'm a bit disturbed with it. Draco and Hermione hate each other. Draco insulted her so many times and Hermione punched the guy in the third book. So don't give me that "but if they hate each other, then they love each other" reason. Just because they're physically compatible, doesn't mean that their personalities are compatible. It's clearly stated in the books and the movies that the two hate each other. Same goes for Drarry fanfics. I'm not against same sex relationships but by god, Draco and Harry is the LAST thing I would ship and/or read. You would have to tie me up with a chair to make me read them. Again, this is completely my opinion and if you ship it, go ahead but just don't show them to me.

This may sound really stupid, but I hate fanfics that take a completely different direction with the HP plotline for no reason. Like, if you're going to veer off the original HP plotline, please inform your readers of that instead of changing it midway with no warning whatsoever. It messes up the reader if you do and second, if not done right, could end up as a huge mess and will lose the readers' interest. An Authors note at a beginning of a chapter might work or even an public message sent out from your profile, anything that will inform and keep your readers updated.

Also, one problem that most HP fanfics unfortunately share is that characters are sometimes OOC. It's not a huge problem, seeing that it's hard to capture that exact character development that Rowling had. But the least you can do is try and if you forgot how a character was like, research them. I did that with Luna for one of my one shots once and for those of you who are wondering where to get "research" the Harry Potter wiki pages are always a great tool.

Finally, a big complaint is that some OCs are completely bland. Like make em interesting! Give them some flaws, quirks. By God, DO NOT MAKE THEM A MARY SUE!!!!!! (They can have one or two Mary Sue traits (because in a fanfic author's defense, it's a bloody fanfic) but they shouldn't drag down the story on the whole or its gonna turn out to be a huge problem.)

So that's my rant on Harry Potter fanfics. What do you think? Comment below and let me know about what you want me to rant about next! :D Oh and enjoy the video at the side. Still has me cracking up. XDXDXDXDXD

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