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Lee Felix

I look through my backpack, my closet, under my bed and I can't find it. Where the hell did it g- I stop my thoughts as I think. Ugh, she took it, I know she did, she's always taking my shit" I walk towards Chaeryeong's room and I knock. "Chaeryeong, open this door right now!" She opens the door, clearly worried. "Omg Felix, you just woke me up, what *yawns* happened" I look at her not buying her bullshit act. "Chaeryeong, did you take my shit?" I ask her politely before I lose my cool.

"What! No I didn't take anything that's yours." "Bullshit, I don't believe you!" "Felix, I don't have time for this, I have to get ready." She shuts the door on my face. Did this bitch really just slam the door on my face?! "Fine if that's how you wanna play!" I yell loud enough for her to hear through the door. "MOM, CHAERYEONG IS TAKING MY SHIT!"

I stomp my way towards my mom's room but it's empty. I make my way to the kitchen, in hopes of finding her, but it's empty. She probably went to work early.. "Felix!" I turn around to see Chaeryeong pissed as fuck. "Stop snitching to mom!" I roll my eyes at her. "Mom's not even here..... but I can snitch to
Minho! I run upstairs to Minho and barge in.

"MINHO, TELL CHAERYEONG TO GIVE ME MY SHIT BACK!" I notice Minho has a pillow on his face.. I swear he's really weird. My thoughts get interrupted as Chaeryeong yells. "FELIX I DIDN'T TAKE YOUR SHIT, I COULD LITERALLY GIVE LESS OF A CRAP ABOUT YOUR WEED!" I caught her red handed! "HA, IF YOU DIDN'T TAKE IT, HOW DID YOU KNOW IT WAS WEED THAT WAS MISSING!"

"OMG CAN YOU GUYS BRING THIS ISSUE TO MOM AND OUT OF MY ROOM!" My attention turns towards Minho who's yelling and I take a deep breath and try to control my anger. "Mom isn't here, so if you be so kindly, tell Chaeryeong here, to stop taking my weed, I would greatly appreciate it." I end it off with a smile. I hear Minho sigh and he gets up to face us.

"okay Chaeryeong can you give Felix his weed back?" Minho asks with the most fakest smile ever. "I didn't take his stupid weed, the dumbass, probably lost it in his room!" Oh I know she just didn't call me a dumbass! As I was about to go off, Minho speaks. "Felix can you please check your room again?" These two are seriously ticking me off. "BUT I DIDN'T-" "FELIX...... please check your room!" Damn what made him so grumpy! " FINE WHATEVER!"

I head towards my room and start to look again everywhere, after a good 5 minute search, I find it stuck under my desk. Oh, so that's where I hid it.... I check my phone and notice I should start to change.

After changing, I head downstairs into the kitchen, but before I could enter, I notice the light in the garage is on

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After changing, I head downstairs into the kitchen, but before I could enter, I notice the light in the garage is on. There's only one person who I know comes into the garage for their sport stuff. "Hey Min-" I stop in my tracks as I see Minho on dad's drums. He gets up embarrassed that I caught him but before he could leave, I pull him back.

"Hey I know you miss him, we all do..." I say as I look towards the sets of drums, remembering old memories. I hear a scoff on my right. "And why would I miss a father who left his family.... see you at school." He pushes my hand off his shoulder and heads upstairs. I know he misses him, he's just hurt.... we all are.

As I was about to head upstairs, I notice the cool looking bass guitar in the corner... I had so much fun with that bass guitar... I walk over towards it and as I was about to pick it up, I hear Chaeryeong yell. "FELIX, MINHO LEFT,
DO YOU WANT A RIDE?" "YEAH SURE I'LL BE UPSTAIRS!" I run back upstairs and close the door of the garage and then the front door.

As I sit with my head against the window, I speak. "Hey Chaeryeong, I'm sorry, turns out I lost it, but I found it again... forgive me?" I make a pout face to see if she'll forgive me. "Felix, I fricking hate you, but of course I forgive you.." I smile widely and hop on my phone.

"Alright well we're here, so see you at home." Chaeryeong says as she walks away. Every time we come to school, we always act like we don't know each other.. I grab my backpack and catch up with my 'friends' and we just talk about whatever. As I was walking, I accidentally bump into someone. "Oh my god I am so sorry, I'm so clumsy." I say as I reach for his hand. "No worries all good." I give him a smile in return and continue on into school.

Wow, he was pretty handsome, but I'll probably never see him again, eh.


Seo Changbin

As I wake up to the sounds of my parents arguing, again, I just block out their voices. As I get up, I can hear my parents fighting all the way to the car outside. I forgot, that they told me yesterday, that they have to meet with a client together early in the morning. At least I don't have to hear they're arguing...

I decide to eat some cereal, so I head downstairs and just as I was about to get some cereal, I look and see that we have no cereal. Wow they haven't gone to the store...big surprise.... I walk over towards the bathroom to see myself. I look at myself in the mirror and give myself a little talk. Changbin, it's just another high school year with a bunch of other kids, remember you're invisible. I sigh as I brush my teeth and head back upstairs to my room.

I play some music on my Bluetooth speaker and just relax for a bit, I even open my window to get some fresh air. I take in a deep breath until I decide to close the window back up, and start walking to my closet.

 I take in a deep breath until I decide to close the window back up, and start walking to my closet

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I choose my outfit and it's all black, I mean, I do love dark. I turn off my music and look for my songwriting book. I pull my notebook out from under my bed and I quickly jot down a few lyrics before I could forget it. I work on a couple of other songs that I have and I even rap a little to different beats.

As I was about to leave my room, I turn towards my closet and move some clothes over to reveal an electric guitar I have stowed away. If my parents knew I had this, the would sell it so fast. I grab it and quickly play one of my songs while I sing. Before I knew it, I was running late.

I hide my guitar back and grab my stuff and run out the door, locking it on my way out. I run to school, hoping I don't end up late on the first day. As I run, I look down at my phone and see that my mom texted me.

'Hey sweetie, sorry I didn't wake you up, me and dad had a meeting, I think I told you yesterday. I know we're out of cereal and other things so I'm going to go to the  store after work and your father will tag along, have a good first day, we love you.'

I sigh. At least the try.... sometimes.. as I continue to look at my phone, I bump into someone causing both of us to fall down. "Oh my god I'm so sorry, I'm so clumsy" I hear the person say and they reach their hand out. I gladly take their hand. "No worries all good." He gives me a cute smile in return and walks past me.

He's an adorable guy.... he probably won't remember me anyways.

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