Chapter Thirty Four

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“So, Jenna, how do you want to spend your last few days in Seattle? Any special places you want to go?” Granddad asked when the three of us were sitting around the table, having breakfast. Or lunch. It was my breakfast, but probably lunch for my grandparents, as it was already noon.

“Not sure, to be honest. It wouldn’t mind staying here the last few days, I wouldn’t mind going places. I’m just glad I’ll get to spend a little bit more time with my grandparents and friends before going home again.” I replied.

“We’re glad you’re here.” Grandma smiled, taking my hand. We soon finished eating and I went upstairs to get dressed. It had been raining in the morning, and even though the sun was shining, it was kind of chilly. I decided to wear a t-shirt, keeping Tyler’s hoodie within reach for when it’d get cold. After putting on shoes I walked downstairs again.

I turned on the tv and zapped until something even remotely exciting appeared on the screen. After going through the channels two and a half times, I realized it wouldn’t get much better than Spongebob. And even though Spongebob is awesome, I took the opportunity to read my twitter timeline and check some other social networks. After about 10 minutes, the bell rang. Granddad was upstairs and grandma was ironing in the kitchen, so I got up and walked to the hallway. “You guys literally have people over every single day, don’t you?” I said my grandma, half mocking.

“Better get a vase ready grandma, another bouquet coming for you!” I yelled from the hallway. I opened the door and immediately backed away about 1784 feet.

“hey” he said.


I ran up to him, engulfing him in a hug, making him drop his suitcase in an attempt to hug me back.

“Well, you know… just thought I’d stop by. How are you?”

“I’m great! Please, come in. how the frick did you even find this place?”

“It was all your grandmother’s idea, I guess you just, shouldn’t leave your phone unlocked Jenna. Not even around your grandparents.” He said, winking a bit slyly. He followed me into the living room after putting his bags down in the hallway.

“Good afternoon, my name is Tyler Joseph and I’m so happy you invited me here.” He said, shaking my grandmother’s hand.

“Hello Tyler, I’m Cecelia, it’s nice to finally meet you in person. Jenna told me a lot about you and you seem even lovelier than she said you were.”

“Oh, I’m sure that isn’t true,” He said. “it’s so weird how this worked out with only three phone calls.”

I just stood there, still trying to process what was happening, when my grandfather came into the room. Tyler introduced himself and my granddad seemed super excited, which was also really confusing me. Everything was confusing me right now, but I kind of liked what was happening.

A bit later we were having tea at the table, Tyler sitting across me. He was telling my grandparents about himself, and how we met, even though I had already told that. When I looked at granddad, he smiled reassuringly and then turned to face Tyler again. After a few minutes, grandma told me to bring Tyler to the other spare bedroom, so he could sort his stuff out a bit or something.

I took him upstairs and walked into the room, followed by Tyler. I had his backpack over my shoulder so he wouldn’t have to carry everything, even though he insisted on carrying it himself.

“So I guess this is where you’ll be sleeping, then” I smiled.

“Thanks,” He smiled back. “You do like it that I’m here, right? I mean, if you want me to go home then that’s fine. It was just kind of an impulse ide-“

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