Ch. 18

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Dear Diary,

Today's Valentine's Day. I know right, usually I wouldn't even care about the holiday. But Luke wants to take me out tonight. I have no idea where, but this should be good.

I go downstairs to make myself some breakfast. But I stop in my tracks. What the hell is this?

The whole room was filled with flowers. Roses upon roses filled the room with their scent. This is amazing.

"Luke?" I call out figuring he would be here.

He comes out from the living room.

"What is this?" I ask him.

"It's for you, Harmony." He smiles big.

"Awww, that's so sweet!" I hug him and wrap my legs around him. He laughs lightly.

He lays me down on the couch and kisses down my neck. I start laughing uncontrollably.

"Luke." He kisses me jawline then my lips. I tug playfully on his lip ring with my teeth, as I kiss him.

"I love you." I kiss his ear softly.

(Later that day)

Phone conversation:

"Hey Stacey."

"Oh my god! Tell me all about the date. The girls are at mine right now. So I'll put it on speaker." Stacey says.

"Okay. Luke surprised me with a date at a park, it was so beautiful. There was candles and a blanket, it really was so romantic. So we started off the night with chocolate covered strawberries. Then, guess what?..." I say trying to not laugh.

"What?!" Rose says through the phone.

"He came out dressed in the costume he wore in the Don't Stop music video and he goes and sings to me!" I giggled.

"What did he sing?" Elisa asks.

"She Looks So Perfect." I smiled.

"Aww," Stacey and Erica say.

"Oh my god!" Quinn says.

"Yeah, I know." I laughed.

"I gotta go guys, talk later okay?"

"For sure" Stacey said.


End of conversation~

I go upstairs to see a dress set down on my bed ready for me and a note. Okay, he's getting way out of control now. He bought me a dress! I told him not to get me anything. I sigh and pick up the note from my bed. I then read the note.

Give me the green light
We could have all night
If you just say the words

Wear this dress tonight for dinner. I will be picking you up at 8.

I love you beautiful, Luke

(Late that night)

I start to get ready. I curl my hair for once in my life. I put on my make up. Then I get dressed. It was the cutest dress ever, I will admit that. Luke has some great taste.

I hear the doorbell ring and I go and answer the door. I open it to see Luke in skinny jeans and a dress shirt. Aww, he looks so cute.

"You dressed up for me? Well kind of dressed up for me." I say to him.

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