So Soon?!

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Before everyone was going to fight Blake and Melantha, they made sure they had everything they needed. Arian had plenty of arrows to shoot, and Erik finally got all that mud off of him. Once they knew they were ready, Arian made a portal and they entered through it...Into Blake's stronghold.

When they were out of the portal and Blake noticed their presence, he rolled his eyes. "Back so soon?" He asked with a hint of a growl in his tone.

Arian's fists clenched in anger as she took out her bow. "We're here to retrieve Roxanne."

Blake sighed and placed a hand on his hip. Melantha was busy playing with Roxanne's hair to care. She seemed to be guessing that Blake was going to take care of everyone. "Well...You're going to have a hard time with that." Blake pointed out. He held up the arm with his strange, shocking weapon on it. "Because I'm going to fight for her."

As the current Element got out their weapons, Arian lifted her head high. "And we're going to fight back."

"Mind if I help?"

Arian turned her head, wondering where the voice was coming from. But when there was a sudden flash, Arian knew who it was. The flash had blinded everyone for a moment...Well, besides Lia that is.

"What's up?" Lia asked.

Alina stood beside Arian. She smiled gently at Arian and nodded her head once. Arian nodded back, then turned to Blake and Melantha. Melantha realized that Arian's eyes were on her, so she stopped messing around and was ready to fight as well.

Arian placed an arrow in her bow, and aimed it for Melantha. She breathed out, then pulled back the string. "And this is how it starts." She whispered to herself. She let go of the string, and the battle had begun.

Melantha smoothly twirled to the side of the arrow, and then Arian and Xaden ran to attack her.

Lia ran and stood beside Alina. Blake glared at them, it seemed like fire was blazing in his eyes as he breathed heavily. "Do you know our plan?" Lia asked Alina.

Alina shrugged and giggled a bit. "I may have listened in on your conversations." She said.

Lia laughed. "All right. GO!" She yelled as she ran at Blake.

Blake smirked and blocked the swing of Lia's staff. Then with his foot, he kicked her stomach. Lia staggered backwards. Blake saw that she was vulnerable, and was about to attack. However, Alex suddenly jumped over Lia and with his mace, blasted Blake away from her.

Blake flew backwards. But once Alex stopped the wind current, Blake fell on the ground on his back. Now Erik was running to him, and once he was close enough, Erik lifted his spear high in the high right above Blake's heart. Blake gasped when Erik brought the tip of his spear down with all his force. Blake however, used his metal plate as a shield and blocked the spear from hurting him.

Erik's eyes went wide as the tips of Blake's strange weapon sent small shock waves near him. Before Erik could get away, the shock waves weaved it's way from Erik's spear...To Erik. Erik yelled in pain, then just collapsed onto the ground. His spear fell beside him.

Alina glared at him then jumped forward. She closed her eyes and held out her hands in front of her. A white glyph appeared beneath her feet as she muttered something to herself. Blake lifted his head, and then jumped to his feet. "No!" He cried out.

Alina smiled, then yelled, "Cloudy Heaven!"

Blake looked up and saw this brilliant light emerging from the ceiling. Blake started to run as a large cloud fell from the sky. The cloud roughly fell on the ground, only inches away from Blake's feet. The ground shook violently and made Blake fall on his face. When the cloud vanished and it was dark again, Alex formed a huge tornado beneath Blake. The tornado lifted him high into the air, and when Alex ceased it, Blake fell right back to the ground on his stomach.

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