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Percy layed on his stomach, his sea green eyes glued to the screen of his laptop. Nico ran his hand through Percy's dark hair, a bored expression on his face. Percy eyes were big and sparkly, an adorable look set on his face. Nico sighed."Mi amore...you know I hate this movie right? I never thought the Little Mermaid would be your favorite movie," Nico said. Percy put a finger to his mouth." Shhh! She's about to meet Prince Eric!"

Nico huffed and layed on top of Percy." Gods! Why me!?" " Oof! Get off me! You too heavy!" Percy gasped."Can't breath!"

Nico smirked." Not until we do something else," he said. Percy coughed."Fine! Fine! I give up! We'll do something else!"

Nico rolled off of Percy and flopped down on the bed. "Victory," he said. Percy pouted. "Well? What did you want to do?" Percy questioned while strandling the younger teen.

Nico sat up."Oh. Umm...I actually didn't think of that." Percy's face got red."WHAT?! You made me stop watching my favorite movie and you didn't even know what you wanted to do?!"

Percy shook his head." You have one more chance. I'm gonna ask again. What do you want to do?"

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Percy pouted and grabbed Nico's face. " What are you doing? Percy?"

Percy leaned down and connected his lips to Nico's. "Mmff!" Percy closed his eyes and moved his lips slowly. Nico slowly relaxed and kissed back. He grabbed Percy's dark hair and pulled him closer. He put all of his love and passion for the Sea Prince into the kiss.They pulled apart and smiled against eachothers lips. He watched as Nico blushed, with a cute smile.

" What was that for?" Nico said. " 'Cause I love you," Percy said cutely.

"I love you too..." Nico mumbled.

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Percy tilted his head." What was that love?"


Percy laughed and kissed Nico again. "That's what I thought," he said.

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