Chapter 1

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When the old hooligan was engaged in field exploration, he accidentally died.

When the news reached the Western dawn Empire, the whole upper class was in an uproar.

Who is the old hooligan?

He came from a slave dominated background. Before the age of 20 he was submerged in a sea of people and didn't even have a name of his own.

However, when he was 20 years old, he did not know what luck he had. He suddenly rose from the slave Colosseum and was discovered by an old nobleman. In a short period of three years, he became the first leader of the army who was born as a slave in the history of the shivelle empire.

During the seven years when the old rogue took charge of the expeditionary army, the old enemy of the shivier Empire, Xi Shuguang country, was almost in a mess by the enemy who carried the gene of the gangster from the hair to the bone. The soldiers who had been fooled by the old rogue as idiots were gnashing their teeth at him.

A warlord of the West dawn empire once joked in an interview: "The title of hooligan really seems to have been specially made for Ling."

As long as it is able to win the final victory, Ling Hui will do everything he can. He can use all kinds of inferior means, which makes the soldiers from the orthodox aristocracy look down on him.

Even if he has become the head of the army, he is still excluded from the ranking of God of war. Some people say that this is unfair to Ling, but there is no other way since Ling's background wasn't strong enough.

As a result, when Ling, who was incompatible with the noble war, was finally confirmed dead by the official of the shiwel Empire, the West dawn Empire almost cheered.

Even the absolute supporters of aristocracy and slavery in the shivelle Empire were secretly glad and relieved that no one would play hooligans and slander in the war to lower the high-level image of the Empire.

Of course, due to the high popularity of the old hooligans among the people, the shivelle royal family still has to express their grief and remembrance in front of the media.

It doesn't seem like a big deal that the old hooligan is dead.


When Ling Feitong woke up, he found that his neck had been jammed by people's hands, his body was pressed on a soft big bed, and on his body, there was a well-dressed man who was easy to think of doing something good.

It's very dark in the room, and Ling Feitong can't distinguish the situation.

Conditioned reflex is prior to brain operation. Ling Feitong takes advantage of the man's hand to pull his pants, and suddenly raises his feet and kicks toward the other party's soft abdomen.

The strength of his foot is big and fierce, plus with the position of both sides is very close, according to reason, there is absolutely no possibility of kicking in the air.

However, the reality gave Ling Feitong a hard blow.

The face of the man coming toward him is fast.

Although Ling Feitong was surprised, he didn't think much. When he took advantage of the chance that the hand on his neck disappeared, he picked up the crystal lamp on the bedside table next to him with his backhand and smashed it on the edge of the table.

The sharp lamp foot cut the man's neck, until Ling Feitong was easily controlled by a powerful hand, he suddenly realized that this body was absolutely not his own - the strength was simply too weak!

Moreover, those slender hands without a calluses are not what people who hold guns and drive mecha to fight all the year round.

Ling Feitong can be sure that what he died in the encirclement and suppression campaign can't die any more, and even the restoration cabin of life reconstruction can't be made up. Therefore, to sum up, he is most likely to live again among other people's bodies.

Experienced numerous big waves of the old rascal, in the first time to accept the reality, and after a short surprise, has completely calm.

"Wait, there should be some misunderstanding between us." Ling Feitong was thrown into the bed again by the man, immediately turned over and sat up.

The man presses the control button on the terminal and turns on the headlight in the bedroom. On his beautiful face, he is murderous.

Ling Feitong in the moment of seeing the man's face, immediately swallowed the words "You're making a fool of me, of course, I'll beat you up.".

Playing rogue?

It doesn't exist!

He looked at the breathtaking beauty of the face, as well as the luxurious dress in the room, and knew that it was humiliating to go on.

As far as he's concerned, he's quite familiar with this face.

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