Chapter Six: Haley's Pov 5 months later...

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I look around at my apartment. Between the piles of boxes and all my wedding planning stuff, it's crowded.
"Hals, how do you find anything in this place." James asks, coming from behind a stack in the kitchen, holding 2 sandwiches and bottles of water.
"I manage, but you said we were gonna be moving in a month. Like two months ago." He plops down on the couch next to me and kisses my cheek.
"Soon. I promise. The builders had a hold up when they first started so they are a little bit behind."
"Fine." I turn back to the wedding magazine I'm looking at, but James pulls it from my lap.
"Aren't you and Dakota supposed to be picking up your dress today?" He asks.
"Yea, she's coming over in a few minutes." I take the sandwich and take a bite.
James puts his lips on my neck and pulls me closer to him.
"James, stop." I mumble, hoping he doesn't hear me.
"No, I'm just kissing, nothing else." He says, each word coming with a kiss. His hand slowly moves from my back to my shorts. He pulls them down and slowly rubs his fingers over my underwear.
"This isn't kissing." I say quietly.
"I didn't say where." He lies me back and pulls my hips up into his lap.
We said we wouldn't have sex until we were married, but he still finds ways around it.
His fingers are still on the outside of my underwear, which is killing me, but I let him do what he's gonna do.
Suddenly the unders are gone and he sticks a finger in me. I hold back a moan, which he notices, so he puts another in. I bite down on my lip hard so I can keep quiet.
"Baby, just moan." He whispers before dipping his head down and kissing from my hip down to where his fingers are.
"More." Is all I manage before my moan slips out. He smiles and rubs me with his other hand. "James." I moan, moving my legs around his shoulders.
there's a knock at the door, so I groan.
"We'll be a minute." James says, moving my legs. He kisses my lips and sticks his tongue between my lips. "It's you that you taste." He whispers, before pulling my unders up and heading to the door.
"Hey James." Dakota says, coming in.
"Where's Haley?" Tyler asks. He spots me on the couch and smiles. "He didn't finish you. Off did he?" He jokes.
"Shut up." I say, sitting up and heading to the bedroom to change.
"Nice ass Haley." I hear an ow and smile.
"Thank you baby." I say.
"What's your name?" The lady at the dress shop asks.
"Haley Swan." I say, impatient.
"Aw yes. I'll go get your dress. You'll need to try it on." I nod and sit back beside Dakota.
"Hey, don't panic. It'll be perfect." She says.
"I know." I start to say something else when we hear screaming.
"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!!!!" I recognize it as the lady from the desk.
"Ma'am. I'm sorry. It was an accident." A female says.
"No, you will pay for a new dress and you will apologize to the woman out there."
"Yes ma'am." I look around for another woman out here but they're all in the dressing room.
"No, oh god. Dakota, no." I stand up and start to head for the door.
"I'll take care of it." Dakota says, as I push the door open.
"I'm so sorry Ms. Swan, but your dress was ruined." I turn back around and face the lady.
"No, your store promised me that it would be safe and nothing could ever happen to it." I say.
"Ms. Swan. I can't control..."
"Control your people? Jesus Christ. That was my wedding dress. Do you know when I'm getting married? In 2 days!!" I shout, before Dakota pulls me to a seat.
"Alright. I want my girls money and the dress. Ok. I will not take no for an answer. My husband is in the marines along with her fiancé so you better not piss me off." She says.
"Ok. Let me get the dress and I'll have my assistant get you the money." Dakota nods and comes over to me.
"It's ok. How about you call James?"
"Yea, ok." I head outside and call James.
"Hey baby girl. Does it look beautiful?"
"No." I start crying. "It got ruined, someone accidentally did something an now it's gone. I don't have a dress and we're getting married the day after tomorrow and we still don't have a house and I don't know what to do."
"Hey, it's ok. I have a dress you can use." He says.
"Who's is it?" I ask.
"My sisters." He says.
"You don't have a sister." I say.
"Yea, we need to talk." He says, before hanging up.
"What's wrong." Dakota asks.
"James said I could use his sisters dress?" I ask.
"Ok, yea you two need to talk."
"You have a sister, and a family I never knew about?" I ask James.
"Yes, after I joined the marines, they kinda hated me so we never talked after that." I nod.
"I can't do this right now." I spin the ring on my finger around.
"Hals, what are you saying?" He asks, looking at the ring.
"I'm saying, I'm gonna go take a long bath, alone and then I'm going to bed, alone and when I wake up in the morning, I want a dress, I want to have something set up so I can meet your family and then I want you to take me to our house. Ok?" He looks down at his lap and nods.
"Hals, I'm so sorry." He says, grabbing my hand.
"James, lets just talk in the morning." I say, walking to the bathroom. I lock the door when I hear him walk down the hall.
"Haley?" He asks. "Do you think that this is gonna be ok in the end?" He asks.
"I don't know." I say before turning the water on.
James is gone when I get out of the shower, so I grab my phone and call him.
"James?" I ask when he picks up.
"Yup, at your service." He sounds drunk as hell.
"Where are you?" I ask.
"I'm at home."
"Strip club." A female corrects. "Now do you want that blow job?"
"James?" I ask, tears in my eyes.
"Rabecca, I'm gonna go, I have a lovely fiancé in my lap so I'll call you tomorrow to pick up the dress."
"Wait." I say. "Hand the phone to the girl."
"Hello?" A female asks.
"Hi, he's drunk as hell and he's my fiancé. Can you stick him in a cab?"
"Yea, that's totally fine. He wondered in here drunk. I got him slightly sober. All he told me was that he wanted his fiancé." I smile.
"Thank you." I hang up and sit on the couch.
It takes James an hour to get here, but I don't care.
"Haley?" He asks.
"Yea, I'm here." He falls, but I'm too light to hold him up.
"Haley. I wanna marry you and I wanna be able to shag you whenever I want because I love you and I don't know what I'd do with out you." He pulls me down next to him and slides his hand up my shirt.
"James, stop." I push his hand out of the way and stand up.
"Haley, I'm sorry." He says. "I messed up." I look at him. He's leaned up against the couch, his hair a mess. He lifts his arm and then I see it. A bruise on his hip.
"Where did you get that?" I ask, sitting on his lap and lifting his shirt.
"I found a guy that was talking about a girl he raped in the bar, and he said she had long hair and was tight and had the eyes the color of storm clouds." He plays with the ends of my hair. "Haley, I got the guy that hurt you." I put a hand on his cheek. "No one hurts you and gets away with it."
"I know." I say, kissing him gently. His lips are rough, like always, but this time there different. I pull back and rub my thumb over a cut on his lip.
"I don't care if I look like hell on our wedding day." He says. "Cause I know why I'm hurt and I want people to know that." I turn on the light and look at him. He's got a black eye, the cut on his lip, a few cuts on his temple, a bruise on his hip and his fists are bloody and bruises.
"Ok, let's get you into the shower, you need to get cleaned up." I pull him up and take him to the bathroom. I pull off everything but his boxers and I help him sit in the tub.
"Hals, you'll always take care of me right?"
"Yea, I'll always be here." I say and turn the water on.
"Hals, I don't want you working at that bar anymore." He says.
"I quit when it happened." I say.
"Ok. Well, he said you were begging for it." I roll my eyes.
"No, James, I never wanted it."
"I know. I love you Haley." He says. I wash the blood from him and then help him dry off.

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