21 | Guess Who's Ruining Dinner?

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After suffering through three straight days of gossip, dirty looks, and laughter all at my expense, I was just about ready to jump off a cliff

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After suffering through three straight days of gossip, dirty looks, and laughter all at my expense, I was just about ready to jump off a cliff.

News of my not-so-innocent past had spread throughout the school like wildfire, somehow managing to trickle all the way down to the lowly freshmen. I couldn't go more than ten minutes without someone stopping to ask if I had truly done everything the paper said, or if I was ashamed of myself for getting into so much trouble. My usual response to those questions was a well practiced eye-roll and a stiff middle finger. Most got the message and stuck to whispering, shooting glares at me as if they couldn't believe I had the gall to show my face. But there were others who stared at me in awe – I had even received compliments from a fair few. Apparently my criminal status was cool to them.

Luckily, it was Friday afternoon and I had a glorious, gossip-free weekend to look forward to. All I had to do was make it through the last brutal half hour of school and I would be free for two whole days.

It was just a shame that Headmaster Hawthorne had decided to torture the entire upper school with his annual speech on school rules. We had been corralled into Trinity's sprawling auditorium – which had apparently been paid for by the Stanton-Phillips family, as the placard outside the heavy double doors proclaimed – over forty-five minutes ago, and I had somehow ended up separated from Sebastian and his friends. So while those four had the luxury of sitting together, I was stuck in between two junior girls who were keen on finding out who I had assaulted, why I wasn't in prison, and what my sex life with Sebastian was like. Had I not wanted to murder them for asking the first two questions, I probably would have gotten a kick out of the third.

"Is he good in bed?" the one to my left whispered, brimming with excitement at the prospect of finding out. "Molly heard from Josephine who heard from Yulia that Sebastian always makes a girl– well, you know. Multiple times, too. Is that true?"

"I heard that he has a magical tongue," the other gushed, gripping the upholstered armrest that divided us. "Is that true? Is he, like, really amazing at oral?"

I tried hard to keep from bashing their heads together as the Penguin droned on about how there was to be absolutely no smoking on school grounds. He had already covered the section on violence, and I could have sworn he shot me a pointed look as he did so.

Tweedledee wasn't deterred by my silence. "How often do you guys do it? I heard somewhere that he was a total sex fiend and had to do it at least ten times a day."

"No, no," Tweedledum denied, shaking her honey-blonde head. "You're confusing him with Michael. He's the sex fiend. Someone told me he likes threesomes too. Have you, Seb and Michael ever had one?"

If this assembly didn't hurry up and end, two counts of murder were going to be added to my already lengthy rap sheet.

"But really, Talia, does Sebastian know what he's doing between the sheets?"

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