Payton and cam

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Hi my name is Payton and I'm 19 I have brunette hair and hazel eyes, today I'm leavening to go to Magcon to meet my favorite vineries I was so existed. My friend Bailee was going with me. Bailee had a BIG crush on hayes so we are going to try to hook them up. Bailee has blond hair and blue eyes she's really skinny and very pretty. "Are u girls ready" my mom yelled up the stairs to us.
"Yes mom we will be down in a sec" I grabbed my bags and so did Bailee and we headed to the car.
"I'm so exited" Bailee squealed, I laughed as she did her happy dance
*at magcon*
There where a lot of people there and a lot of screaming girls I got my ticket and got my seat in the front row we stood there screaming as the show started I screamed cams name a million times trying to get his attention finally he looked over and smiled my heart melted he came over to us and grabbed my hand and pulled me up to the stage I looked into his brown eyes as he just looked at me for a while until Nash snapped him out of it "ok so now were going to do a dance off" Nash spoke cam looked around laughing. We started dancing and laughing at each others moves.
After Magcon me and Bailee went back to our hotel, as we got into the hotel we saw a BIG group of boys and girls running over to the elevator I looked at Bailee once I realized that it was the Magcon boys and there girlfriends I about screamed but realized I had to stay calm we walked over to the elevator and got in with them they all looked at us as we entered but we didn't really care, I stood by Cameron and matthew. Cam looked at me the whole time "are u the girl who I took up on the stage?" Cam ask braking the silence "ya" I said my face turning red "oh wanna hang out" he asked putting his arm around me, I looked at Bailee and she was cheesing hard core "sure" I smiled. The elevator dinged and we all walked out "how about we go swimming" Taylor suggested "YES!" I yelled. I ran to my hotel room and changed into my pink bikini that had black lace in it. I got up to the pool and everyone was staring at me "ehem" I cleared my throat, they all snapped out of their daydreams and started splashing again, I put my legs in the water but didn't get in "come on get in" Cameon yelled "no it's col-" I was cut off by Cameron coming up behind me and pushing me in once I got above water they where all laughing, I gave cam a death look "come on babe u know u love me" he laughed... Did he just call me babe? "No it's cold" I did a puppy dog face and he swam over to me and hugged me
*back at hotel room*
"Let's play truth or dare" Nash said smiling (Bailee is in the room with them) "yes" hayes yelled sitting down Aubrey sat next to him and the rest filled in the circle "ok Payton truth or dare?" Nash asked "dare" I replied bravely "I dare u to give cam a lap dance" my face got really red and so did cams, I got up and did it, everyone was laughing cause cam had a boner so I sat on his lap to help cover it up. The game went on and on and on till everyone decided to go to bed so me and Bailee went back to our room and fell into a deep sleep. This was the best night ever!

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