Tori's POV

I woke up in Beck's trailer tired. 'Is he awake?' I thought to myself. I got up and got some frying pans Tori inhaled "I DON'T GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YA'LL! YA'LL NEVER GETTING SLEEP CAUSE OF ME" "WHAT THE FUCK TORI?!" Beck said. "Well sorry..." "Dumb dumb as hell."



I woke him up gently. He opened his eyes. Oh his wonderful eyes. Then we heard a knock on the door. Oh no it was-

HA I LEFT YALL ON I CLIFFHANGER! And sorry I did not update soon...but I will try to publish every day or week ok! Plus who do you think was at the door???

Ok that's all BUG OUT

                                                                - Author-Chan

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