Chapter 2

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Amelia's family----------->

 *Amelia Pov*

I put on Black leggings and neon orange sleeveless top and got down to the dining room. My family is already there eating there breakfast. I sat down greeting everyone good morning.

“Took you lot of time to get down.” My mom stated by looking at me. I just smiled at her and started eating my pancakes my favorite.

“Did you have acceptance from Yale?” my father asked me after a while.

“No dad. I think I have to go to Harvard itself and I am not waiting for Yale anymore dad.” I told my dad.

“Ok good.” Dad said.

While talking to my dad I observed that my brother just stoled a pancake from my plate. How could he???

“Hey you can’t just steal my pancakes like that??” I told my brother glaring at him.

“I didn’t steal it; I just took it from you. There is a difference you know.” my brother told me like I said something totally stupid thing.

“Oh yeah in what world , “Alex world” right.” I said double quoting.

“Glad you got atleast one thing right in that stupid brain." he said.

"Don't you dare call my brain stupid, you stupid. And jeez you already ate yours then why do you need my breakfast. I too need energy you know."

"No you don't, these are your holidays right so I am declaring to you that you don't need your energy except ofcourse for shopping with your crazy  best friend. But anyway dad is just tiring me so much with a lot of pack work so I need extra energy right so I took it and once again I didn’t steal it.” He said whispering to me so that my dad doesn’t hear.

 But my dad did heard that and gave me a small smile and got a hard expression asked Alex “Am I son? Am I really tiring you with all the work, do you know how much responsibility is this and you are thinking it as a burden. No alpha should think like that do you know that. What will you do when i step down from alpha position?” My dad asked Alex acting all serious but I know that he is trying very hard to control his laugh, I can say that easily by seeing the mischief in his hazel eyes.

“Dad.. that.. I.. I.. I didn’t meant I mean.. I didn’t think you would…”my brother started stuttering trying a lot to find something to say.

My dad couldn’t control anymore and started laughing and I too joined him.We both high-fived each other. My brother is just in a shock to understand what actually happened.

After getting what actually happened he whined to my dad “why did you do it dad?”

My dad just smiled and said “Just helping my princess.”

“But dad we are your princesses right??” my two sisters asked dad pouting. They don't leave a chance devils.

“Yes of course you are my little princesses.” My dad told them. I tried my best to not to snort but failed at that.

They just stick their tongue out teasing me, they are really devil sisters. I just glared at them by which one of them stopped it while the other just continued. I can easily say that the sister who is continuing is Rebecca and the other one is Francesca . you see Francesca is well groomed and try her best to be perfect where as Rebecca is rebel she doen't care about a thing in the world and enjoys her childhood.

“Then what about me dad??” Alex asked dad still whinning.

Before my father could answer “Come on Alex you can’t be a princess you know that right. But if you want to be then we three have no problem to let dad call you as his little princess." I said laughing even my sisters acccpeted that they dont mind.

“I didn’t mean that ok, so shut up you guys. I was just saying that I am his son too right.” He said to me glaring.

“I doubt it. See we all have something in common in our features but you are totally different. So I seriously doubt it you know.” I said to him with serious expression.

“You didn’t just said that.” He asked me not believing that I just said that.

“I think I did.” I said to him confidently.

He started to say something but my mom cut him off and said “Now you both stop this and eat your breakfast in silence and deal with it later.” With seriousness in her eyes.

We stopped and ate our breakfast but I can see that Alex is glaring with his  eyes saying through them that this is not over and had planned something for me. I just looked the other side and saw that my two devil sisters enjoying this completely and laughing to the end that there are tears falling from their eyes. Damn it! I don’t know what he will do next.

I just prayed for myself and immediately there is horn sound from outside. I think I just got saved by a car honk sound outside I think my friends came. This is my escape.

“Mom I think my friends arrived I have to go. Bye dad. Bye mom and bye idiots.” I said and rushed out hurriedly.


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