Why didn't the wolf kill me? Chapter 23

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All nephilims find some one like that in their life, it's like were wolves but less cheesy because you can find one more like it and the bond between you can be broken. I think that the love between were wolves is quite poetic really, how they find one person in the world they are meant to be with and stick with them, it is an unbroken bond that continues for the rest of their lives, it's poetic but boring.

I had been sat in the wardrobe for about 10 minutes now while she went to open the door for him, they should be gone by now so I'm safe to leave.

I reached for the handle of the wardrobe when I heard something just outside it, something was sniffing at the door, a wolf, dammit how did it find me I thought those two were the only wolves around here.

A single paw came crashing down on the weak wood making a smal crack, thump, it hit again I can't die now I'm to young only 547 ha I'm joking I'm 18, I'm not that old yet. A brown paw crashed through the door as a snout took its place sniffing the area to see what was inside, I tried to keep as still and quiet as possible as it came closer to were I was.

I was prepared to die when a blood curdling scream came from the woods, the wolf growled at the door before leaving in a rush to find its next victim, I wonder who was screaming?

Eves POV

I really did love his wolf more than him it was so nice 'don't trust it' something said in my head, 'ermm if you don't mind me asking who the heck are you?' I asked confused by the mystery voice 'I'm your wolf idiot and I'm telling you his wolf is not to be trusted' oh cool I didn't know my wolf could talk to me 'oh wow since when do you start talking to me, and why can't I trust him?' it really was cool that my wolf can talk to me I should name it hmmm, she went silent after this, well that was odd.

I realised I was having an inside conversation with myself for 5 minutes as Rick stared at me oddly I shrugged my shoulders at him, so he ignored it and carried on with the run we had just reached the wood, man I loved it here, I love feeling the mud under my paws, the wind through my hair and the freedom it gave me.

We dodged trees and rocks as we ran through the wood, wewere quite deep in at the moment so decided to stop for a rest, and that's when I heard it the piercingly loud scream that came from further in.

My ears pricked up and I ran toward its direction, Rick not to far behind, we finally fund it, a vampire facing the other way feeding on what appeared to be a nephilim female this time.

She was fighting back though and was pretty tough she managed to knock him off a couple of times but it was no use, he was a lot faster and a lot stronger than her.

So I decided to intervene knocking him from her than pinning him beneath my wolf, I loved being this strong, I snarled him, warning him if he tried anything I wouldn't think twice about snapping his neck and crushing his ribs.

He looked up to me and I couldn't believe who I saw, staring back at me were the caring brown eyes and grown used to, it was Dan.

I was so confused I leaned my head back a little cocking it to the side, he looked away ashamed at what he was, since when was he like this.

I shifted back and he gasped when he saw who it was "Eve?", he questioned a little shocked at what I was I nodded a little before returning to my wolf again, she was a lot stronger than me.

I felt like crying this can't be true he can't be one of 'them' their blood sucking leached and he is way to kind, I signaled for Rick to take my place as I checked on the girl.

I shifted back to my human self, covering myself up as best as I could, I didn't want to scare her, she had her hand clasped onto her neck, I sighed and moved closer, she was a pretty red head her wings had sprouted but luckily her dress hadn't torn, her wings were battered and looked a little broken, one hand covered her face whilst the other stayed firmly on her neck trying t stop it bleeding.

I sat beside he and smiled she looked back at me, her brown eyes glistened in the moonlight as she held back tears "help me", she croaked bearly able to speak, I nodded ripping some cloth from her dress and wrapping it around her neck but not to tight so it didn't suffocate her.

If wolves can heal each other by licking the injury I wonder if it would work on others, I shifted again which seemed to startle her, but then she relaxed I licked at the spot the fangs had just been and it stopped bleeding and began to heal over, I smiled at my work and shifted to human again

She smiled thankfully before passing into unconsciousness, I carried her back to the house and laid her on a bed in a spare room before returning to my room to be met by a hug from Zach, tonight has been really confusing.


So what do you think, I think this chapter was a Farly good length, I also tried to put up pictures but I don't know if i worked or not, if it didn't then Zach looks like Ian Sommerfield and I explained to you what the others looked like again sorry if it didn't work and I hope you liked this chapter x

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