Chapter 1

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Picture of Amelia ------>

*Amelia pov*

“Meli wake up!!!” a voice is calling me but I don’t want to wake up. Please let me sleep.

“Meli I said wake up.” again that voice. Can't it see that I'm sleeping.

“Meli for the last time, just get up.” ugh ok I can’t sleep now however, I should get up now.


“I am up! I am up!” I said opening my eyes and saw that the voice belongs to none other than my mom.

“Amelia how many times I have to wake you up every day. Why don’t you wake up at least one day on your own?” my mom said to me a little pissed.

“But mom you love me right.” I said giving her a sweet smile.

“That I do.” she said smiling.  “Now come on get ready, and come down for breakfast ok.” She said leaving my room.

“Ok mom” I said getting down from my bed.

God!!!!!! Why can’t I get to sleep for some more time? These are holidays right. I went to my bathroom and looked into my mirror.

 Whoa there is my unruly dark brown hair, I need to comb it first. And there are my dull dark brown eyes. My name is Amelia but everyone call me meli. I look like my mom a lot.

 I will be 18 years old in one week and guess what I will get to know who my mate is. And yes I am a werewolf daughter of James Raferty , alpha of Rivet moon pack. He Have a beautiful mate, my mom Elizabeth Raferty.

 I have an annoying elder brother Alex of 20years old who is going to be the future alpha of our pack and of course always busy with my father learning the duties of an alpha.

I have 9 year old devil twin sisters Francesca and Rebecca. They are identical in looks but opposite in nature.

Our pack is in South America. We live in a small town near Manaus. Of course there are humans around us but they don’t know about us. We make sure that no human being knows about us for sure.

The packs responsibility depends on alpha of the pack. Beta as a second in command helps the alpha. There are so many laws and regulations for the packs.

 All the people don’t need to go to university if they don’t want to. There are community colleges in all the packs in which they can complete their remaining studies. My brother doesn’t want to and also couldn’t go to university as the duties of a future alpha are on his shoulders. But I really want to go to university and my father supported my decision.

I feel little lonely sometimes as my father busy with my brother and my mother with my sisters and I am in middle with neither of their full attention. Don’t get me wrong they all love me and I love them all but I want  someone to be mine, So here I am waiting for my mate to fill the little loneliness who will only be mine and will love me to the end.

 I competed my senior year and applied for all Ivy league universities. I got accepted for Harvard and in waiting list for Yale so I am going to Harvard very soon.  I want to study further and become best Lawyer.

 I hope my mate will understand that and allow me but what if he doesn’t……… ok ok no bad thoughts he will understand because he will love me.

 “Meli…………………….” My mom called from downstairs.

Oh I need to get ready……..

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