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As I look out the window of my limo, I feel relieved this tour is finally over. I will miss my Japan fans, but I am so desperate for a break, and for some fun. I can't exactly start having my fun time with my fans, that is not a good idea. so I'll just call Amber once I'm home and tell her to come over. I just hope she is home and can come over, I'm so tired of having to hand job it.

After the lime stops, I look at Neverland, my house and property I bought before I left to tour. I never really got a chance to really enjoy it because I bought it just one week before I left to tour. I am happy to see the construction people did what I told them to do. The ferris wheel is exactly what I wanted, and the landscaping is also what I wanted. If people only knew what I have on the walls in my basement, they would be so shocked the King Of Pop is into this kind of kinky stuff. There is no way they will ever find out, Michael Jackson loves it the naughty, kinky way. I'm just happy I have a few girls I know would never open their mouth, I know how to keep pleasuring them to keep them coming back for more.

Once I'm in the house I look around and a big smile crosses my face seeing my mother and sisters did a great job decorating my house.  As I walk through each room I become very pleased it's just the way I imagined Neverland should be. I do love the child like feel, up here, but down in my basement is the adult feel, and how I love feeling an firm,toned,adult girl writhing beneath me, mmm. I need to call Amber.

"Hello, this is Amber."

"Amber, so happy you're home."

"Please leave your message at the tone of the beep...Beep."

"Damn it, Amber, where the hell are you,girl? I'm in some serious need for some fun,shit, cal me back," I shout and hang up the phone.

Think Mike, who would be home and willing to come over hear and let me dominate them? Carly, I'll give her a call. I pick up the hone to dial her number, I then hear the door to the kitchen open. I look and see who it is. I roll my eyes in disgust. She walks over to me and tries to kiss me, but I gently push her back away from me.

"Mike, don't be like this. Didn'y you miss me? I missed you."

"Hell no, and that's your problem. I told you Tati before I left to tour we are over, and you know why. And, how the hell did you know I would be back today?"

"Well, I saw when you tour would be over, so I had Marcus keep an eye on Neverland."

"You what? Oh my god, Tati, this is bordering on being obsessed. What the hell did you do, have Marcus on a stake out watching my house? That's it, you are out of her, right now. Do not make me call my security, or the cops."

"Michael, come on. How many times do you want me to apologize?"

"I don't want you to apologize, I made it clear what you did I will never forgive you that, so you need to get the hell out of my house, or I will call the cops and have you removed physically. Out, now." I shout and see the glare in her eyes.

"Fine, but you know you will call me wanting me back, it's just a matter of time, and you know it," she says  as I roll my eyes.

"Never going to happen, you loose leg tramp."

"Mike, I put your bags in you room. Do you need anything before I go home?"

"Yes, Darren, I need you to get me some information on the community college. I want to know who the arts professor is."

"Uhh, okay, mind if I ask why?"

"Because, I really want to better myself with my drawings, and I need a serious distraction from the slut that just left."

"Oh, okay, well, I can have that information for you tomorrow, but Mike, if you go to the college and take the art class, people will recognize you and you will be surrounded by a mob of fans," he says with concern in his voice and I chuckle.

"Not if I'm in a great disguise and they have no clue who I am. I'll register as Michael Jenkins, or something like that. Michael is a very popular name, so I have nothing to worry about when it comes to using my real first name. Please, have the info for me in the morning."

"Okay, you got it," he replies and leaves.

"Hmm, this should be fun. There are a ton of college girls and I'm sure I can find a few to play with. God, I hope my professor isn't some old, dried up bat. Pretty sure she will not be what I'm looking for."


Excuse me, miss. I'm Michael Jenkins. I was told to come and meet you  and bring in a sample of my drawings to see what I need work on. Are you professor Steele?" I ask and she turns around. I almost never get intimidated when it comes to females, and no female makes me become completely speechless, but the tall, slender, red headed lady standing in front of me has me frozen with her gorgeous looks and those long, slender, toned legs. All I can think about is I want those legs wrapped tight around me as I'm fuc....." She opens her mouth and I become like jelly.

"Hello, Mr. Jenkins. Yes, I am professor Shelley Steele. Please, have a seat and we can look over your drawings, and we can also get to know a little about each other."

"Hearing her sweet voice gets me so excited, I have to hold my drawings in front of myself."

"Mr. Jenkins, is there a problem?"

"Nope, well, maybe a little problem. Can you please tell me where the bathroom is?"

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