chapter 1 || he wears short skirts

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Luke Hemmings liked to dress up.
He mainly liked dressing as a girl.
Sometimes he just wore a wig, or even just outrageous clothes, but he mainly just dressed as a girl.
And he was a pretty girl too. He went to full lengths to make sure he looked perfect.
He wore everything from fake eyelashes to fishnet stockings. He had wardrobes full of mini skirts and little dresses. He had a wig in almost every colour, cut and style and enough fake nail glue to stick the London bridge back together.

Luke didn't necessarily want to be a girl. He just felt more confident when he was someone else. To him it was a big game of dress ups.
He could do anything, be anyone. The possibilities were endless.

Luke often attracted plenty of male attention when walking the street dressed as a girl.
He was a petite girl, with small smooth curves and narrow shoulders. He had a soft face with neatly groomed eyebrows and a little nose that turned ever so slightly at the tip.
He never got used to hearing the wolf whistles and remarks made about him when he strutted the streets. Girls also often shot him nasty looks or looks of jealousy.

So it was just a normal Friday for Luke when he was approached by a handsome stranger who had dark blonde curls, hazel eyes, and soft tan skin.

"Hi," said the man. His voice was thick and sounded like honey. He was holding a coffee and was wearing black skinny jeans.
"My name's Ashton, what's yours beautiful?"

Luke felt his cheeks go hot. He didn't usually didn't like to meet guys when he was dressed up. Mainly because most of the guys that approached him were straight.
But Luke felt something more with this Ashton. He felt hot and steamy inside. The kind of feeling that left him wanting more.
"I'm Lily," Luke squeaked, looking down at his white space books shyly.
Luke felt the tips of Ashton's long skinny fingers touch his chin. His head was guided upwards until his eyes met Ashton's.
Shocks of electricity ran through him, Ashton's touch made him feel light headed.
Ashton smirked,"How bout you an me go get something to eat?" he sweet voice filling Luke's ears.
Luke smiled, looking Ashton straight in the eye, "That would be great."

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