Nineteen: Best boy

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Karl POV:
  I had already talk to Sapnap since I got there a half an hour earlier than I planned on. He told me all about him and George fighting over y/n. I stayed quiet throughout it all not knowing what to think. I knew George liked her, but Sapnap? She called him a brother like figure though so that's good for me at least. I want to say I'm 100% sure she won't like George but I'm not. I just sat and listened and the only response was, "I mean we know Dream would never allow for that." He sighed but knew I was right. Luckily she had texted me back so I had a reason to leave the room and very uncomfortable conversation. I took a nap but told Sapnap to wake me up before they got home.

  I was anxious sitting in her room. Spamming Chris with worried messages only for him to repeatedly say I'd be fine. The truth is I'm alright at talking to her the way I do knowing I'm not with her. Even if it's on FaceTime. I'm still hours away it's easier, but now in a few minutes she'd be right in front of me.

  The door opened and I looked up. "Karl? Aren't you supposed to be in North Carolina, with Jimmy and the boys, recording a video?" She was in shock. "Jimmy has enough videos recorded to last us over a month. I just needed you off my tail today." She ran over and hugged me. As I wrapped my arms around her I note the feeling, safe. This was the happiest I've felt in a while.

  I hugged Clay when she let go and we talked for maybe five minutes before she yanked on my arm tugging me into her room. "Shoo shoo Clay, my surprise not yours" and shut the door on him. This left me a little shocked all things considered, but there's was always that thought that maybe I was just a brother like figure too.


  "So Karl how was the nine hour drive?" I sat across from him in my chair while he laid on my bed. "Uh it was alright, 8 hours and 30 minutes only because well I drove." He smiled, gosh his smile was perfect. "So you were speeding?" He laughed, "no there was just no traffic surprisingly." I wanted to give him another hug. It felt so safe and warm in his arms. He smelt of the ocean, like one of those candles from Bed, Batb, & Body Works. He loved that place, so much so that I even went and got a candle that matched his in order to feel like we were really in the same room when on the phone.

  I got up and walked toward my bed and plopped down next to him. We took a few pictures together before we'd forget. I wanted to remember this day forever.

  I told him all about my day out with Clay, and showed him the pictures we took. He pointed out his favorite which was one of me touching some of the small sharks. I sent it to him, and asked for his phone. "Why? I already have the picture," he was very confused but handed it to me anyways. I went to change my contact photo when I saw my contact name on his phone. 'Pretty Girl.' There was no way in hell I wasn't red. He took the phone from me, probably remembering what he named me and said he'd change it himself.

   "So you think I'm pretty Karl Jacobs?" He turned bright red. "Who wouldn't," now I knew I was definitely getting red by the way he looked at me and let out a small laugh. We talked all about everything. School, friends, and the trip. He liked hearing about my friends.

  He wondered how it was possible for my friends not to know about Clay, but it was simple. I had two accounts. One for family and now Clay's friends, and one with no connections to him at all. We made a deal to compromise when I wanted socials after he became famous. That way I didn't seem like some weird person with no social media while being able to keep my relation to Clay hidden. It was ideal for me. I wanted to avoid people only wanting to know me for the fact that I'm "dreams sister."

  Eventually Karl had fallen asleep as he was exhausted from his long day. I pulled a blanket over us and sat silently on my phone next to me. It felt right.


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Y/U/N: fancy seeing my favorite boy here
dreamwastaken: you're welcome idiot
Y/U/N: so sweet of you
sapnap: what am I then?????


Dream POV:
I knew Karl liked her. He has to stay by her side, he wants to come early, and he talks to her for hours on end. There was no doubt about it anymore. I don't know how to feel about it. I know I said I'd be upset and shit but to be honest, I'm happy that someone like him likes her.

The last actual relationship she was in ended badly. She's had small random ones since, but none that were big deals. She didn't even bother bringing any of them home.

When she saw Karl, I saw a brightness in her smile that I haven't seen in ages. She didn't even get that happy seeing Sapnap get her and they were best friends.

Karl was a good guy. To my knowledge he never did anything bad, and I mean he and I got along well so I wouldn't have to worry about any of that. He made her laugh all the time, and I haven't been able to do that in ages. I think she deserves someone like that, but did that someone have to be one of my friends?

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