Chapter 1

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A/N This is pretty much my first story that I'm determined to finish, and it's a first draft so hopefully I'll get there :D it's pretty rough at the moment, after about chapter 5 I've barely read through it twice. All feedback, tips, and criticisms are welcome as they all help! Enjoy reading! :D  

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Chapter 1

The night was dark and starless, my eleventh birthday had just passed. I had run away from home, never looking back.

Okay, okay, that's a small lie. I did look back in many small fleeting glances over my shoulder. They were simply minuscule moments, taken to reassure myself that the only person who had witnessed my departure was the cold gaze of the misty moon.

I sighed. That was a bit of a lie too. The memory of it was a little sketchy, like most of my childhood I only seemed to remember things how I wanted to. It just seems a much more poetic way to describe it - saying it was that kind of moon - all big and round, as if out of a romantic movie where lovers would sigh over their whimsical fantasies of each other. Truthfully the moon was more eerie than romantic, the green cast around it unsettling.

There were more factories than houses. The result none too welcoming, it was deadly to walk a beloved pet too close to them. Let me put it this way; you wouldn’t be taking them home afterwards.

Due to this, the town I grew up in was a quiet one. If there was something that did thrive in the area, it was the common earthworm. They had grown so long and so large that if they ever decided a human would make a good snack, they’d be gobbled up in one.

While thinking about the worms, I realised that one of my earliest memories developed from an encounter with one of them.

I wasn’t too old, perhaps around seven, when I’d decided that it would be quite entertaining to try my hand at feeding one of them. I just wanted to confirm for myself that the rumours of their size were true - so I did what any child would - I stole a raw chicken from the fridge and dangled it over the lawn. 

I’d held the cold dead corpse of the chicken up by its wing, bobbing it up and down like I was giving a dog a treat. In all honesty, let me tell you, the effect was something of brilliance. The ground began to bow and lift with what turned out to be a huge... or in this instance... a rather small, disappointment. The earthworm was only a little taller than I, from the looks of it withering in the ground. Yet I didn’t let that stop me. I wasn’t going to let myself be upset by such a trivial fact, so I continued watching it in rapt fascination as it began to surface. I had hoped for a much larger one.

With a gaping mouth I stood transfixed as it surfaced from the ground, before emitting out a squeal as the thing became more interested with the strap on my jumper. It took a firm hold with its razor like teeth and tried to pull me under.

My parents had never been all too successful in my opinion at displaying any kind of loving traits, so when my father came running out with his machete and cut the thing to ribbons, I was pretty chuffed.   My father had hoisted me out by the legs and shook me so hard I thought my head was going to drop off. My teeth clinked together and I bit my tongue.

Thanks my parents, I'd learnt to hide well and react quickly.

Too bad nobody had taught the boy that.

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