Chapter #12

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"What, i don't understand what you mean by something else" i squinted my eye's at the gorgeous, annoyingly, handsome man with his ass planted to a leather chair, in his all black suit sit'n pretty.

"Allen," he sighed rolling his eye's at me as if i was some mental institutionalized patient, not understanding my problem. He's right i'm not understanding this situation, i can't comprehend what's going on, at this very moment.

"-You will get on you're knees an suck my balls & do as i tell you" he said it as if it was so simple.

"Uh uh, just because you r@ped me doesn't mean i'm a sex toy for you at you're beck an call!"

"Oh bambino your testing my patients an it was already thin to begin with"

"No! You already r@ped me to begin with, why do i have to, aren't you satisfied. I know for a fact you could probably get any girl or boy you want with a flash of you'r smile! So why do you insist on it being me?" I glared at his suited figure in the chair.

He un-crossed his legs leaning forward some, before grabbing my hair pulling me towards him. Falling to my knees hard he stuffed my face with his clothed, throbbing errct!on.

"You will suck my balls and do as i say!" His biceps were flexing in his suit as his right hand griped my hair an left held the armrest of the chair in a death gripped. Was he really that angry an that easy to piss off? He needs to be lock in anger management or s-.

"You'd think that shock collar taught you respect! But keep up with this disobedient act an i'll make sure to teach you proper manners, Thoroughly" i ignored his threats to me, but instead decided to stab the bear an get it over with. Maby my masochistic side is starting to apear? I don't know. but what i do, is that i don't want to do this nor be here.

"What are you going to do logan? Hmm? Kill me?...go ahead......Do it!" As if being possessed by someone other than myself i was sure this is what suicidal people would say or someone with alot of guts, that's for sure.

"Tsk!, your a real pain you know that trillion!" I felt a sharp sting across my right cheek as my body was flung carelessly on the shiny wood flooring. Logan roughly undid his zipper & botton of his suit pants shoving them around his ankles, pulled out his member hoisted me up by my hair tossed half of my body across his desk on left hand on my back, right aiming for my entrance.

He removed his left to briefly spread my cheeks an with one rough thrust he was inside me. "Ughhh tesoro! Stop squeezing so hard".

It hurt. It hurt so damn bad. At least he used lube for the first time, this was raw pure bareback raw inside me whole. He lefted my right leg onto his desk palm of my foot flat on it, my upper body bent in very uncomfortable ways. All i could hear was his groans & the now starting sound of my ass beginning to make squeaking noises as his thrusting began to pick up the paste.

Unsure if it was because i was probably turned on or my own blood. "F-fanculo! Ho scopato già come si può essere ancora così stretto! Damn" he breathed out an flipped me over i was now onto my back. He stopped, pulled at his tie removed it along with his suit jacket. I tried to crawl away like a coward i couldn't tale this much longer i didn't want him to break me, i was close! He felt his member sliding out cause he slided me across the sleek desk, probably taking some of my skin along with it. Ripped open his shirt an tossed it spreaded my legs wider an began again.

I'm a panting hot mess with a mountain of muscles above me saying who knows what. I'm so messed up, im suppose to feel disoriented, disgusted, broken. Yet with him here touching me, i feel so good so much pleasure running through me all at skipping beats. He slowed down pulled out then buried himself hard into me. he did it over an over & over again. Thrusting in my spot that i was enjoying so painfully much.

"Logan!" An with that he thrusted one more time an we came together.

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